Candid and Loving It

Just recently, photos of Heavenly Touch actor Joash Balejado came out in the net, which photos were apparently taken from his social networking site. Although the images [lower set of photos] are rather tame, there is a generous heaping of Joash Balejado’s plump derriere and bulging crotch. Hot, actually. The newbie actor – who was also a bikini open contestant prior to joining the movies – does not have any follow up projects yet after the relative success of the masseur movie he starred in.

Heavenly Touch Opens Today!

This is to remind you, guys,that the new gay flick Heavenly Touch is now showing in the following theaters: Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Ermita, Roben, Remar, Isetann Cinerama, Gotesco Grand Central, ABC Guadalupe, Ultra Vista Cinerama in Cebu City. It’s a bittersweet movie and there’s lots of gay love and lovin’! Which means, newbie Joash goes to bed with hunky Paolo, gets seduced and raped by meanie Marco. And, of course, the other boys are in for some romance, too. Go watch!

Joash and Paolo Get Ready

The new gay movie Heavenly Touch is coming out on May 13 and its lead actors Joash Balejado and Paolo Serrano are getting ready. The two actors figure prominently in this Joel Lamangan-directed flick, a follow-up to the highly successful Walang Kawala film released by DMV Entertainment a few months back. The trailer is now uploaded to YouTube and Joash gets to top Paolo and Marco Morales in the sensitive scenes of the same-sex persuasion.

The Boys Are Back!

The aquarium’s full! The boys of Heavenly Touch are in full force Let’s see – there’s Marco leading the pack, the other veteran Paolo by his side and the top newbie Joash. In the background are exotic Ralph and daring Christian. Plus a host of others. It seems like Heavenly Touch is on a slow night. Who’s your choice, and why? You can take two, if you like.

Joash tops Paolo

In this first still photo out from the new gay flick Heavenly Touch [or Touch of Heaven, I’m not yet sure about the exact title now], newcomer Joash Balejado [top photo] engages in a steamy lip-locking scene with veteran Paolo Serrano. Plus, Joash gets to top the taller Paolo!  The new gay flick, which is all about the lives of masseurs in a fictional massage place in Quezon City, is slated for an April showing. Happy Monday!


Say, for instance, you go inside a massage place called Heavenly Touch, and all you can see in the aquarium are three boys in tighty whities [because the others did not report for work, or had some business elsewhere]. The guy on the left is Joash, who’s a newbie in the place. He’s 19 years old and he goes to school during the daytime. The guy in the middle is Paolo, who’s popular to the customers because of his hairy legs and large penis, long shown in an amateur video that came out on the web a year ago. The other most favored guy is the one on the right, Marco. He can do a mean striptease and he has no qualms showing his member to anyone. Plus he is very articulate. So, now who’s your primary choice and why?

More Joash

Newcomer Joash Balejado hopes to be famous someday. He’s taking the rather bold route to showbiz stardom as he is cast as one of the lead actors in the Walang Kawala follow-up flick, Heavenly Touch. The 5’8″-tall Joash Balejado was a freelance model and bikini pageant contestant when he was discovered by DMV Entertainment. He is only 19 years old and a student of Business Management at the Rizal Technological University [RTU].


Friday treat! Marco Morales [rightmost] is, of course, the lead actor in DMV Entertainment’s new movie entitled Heavenly Touch.  Joash Balejado [leftmost] and Paolo Serrano are also in the masseur flick, which is now in its shooting stage.  The set is actually inside a real massage place for guys along West Avenue in Quezon City, as the story revolves around the goings-on in steamy places exclusively for gay men.  The movie is directed by award-winning director Joel Lamangan and playdate is in May 2009.  

Who ish Joash?

Joash (pronounced Jo-Ash) Balejado is a new discovery of DMV Entertainment who will be introduced in its second indie movie after the box office hit Walang Kawala Heavenly Touch (formerly Touch of Heaven). Joel Lamangan is directing this movie that also stars Paolo Serrano and Marco Morales. Joash, who is the winner of Lakan 2008, is a 19-year-old student of Business Management at the Rizal Technological University in Mandaluyong City. This is his first acting job after passing the audition for the role as a newbie masseur.