The Top 10 of 2013

The top ten posts based on the unique page views [as of December 30]! Last year, the top post was all about the cute brothers Roque, followed by Benjamin Alves’s nether hair. Now, it’s back to dicks and more dicks, as you viewed a relatively old picture more than a thousand times to top the list. Page views in itals after the title –
1.   Not So Vintage Sunday [May 12], 20,076. Gio Gapas and Justin de Leon fornicating.
2.   Miscellany Saturday [August 10], 18,586. Boys, lots of boys in various stages of undress.
3.   On The Occasion Of Aljur’s “Macho Dancing”  [April 27], 18,240. Aljur. Dancing. Sexy.
4.   Ode To Forbidden Love [July 25], 17,774. Jake and Joem by the river naked.
5.   Bent [July 5], 16,504. Jake and Joem promoting their gay flick.
6.   Kalokalike [June 2], 16,478. Ex-hustler Jon Romano winning a lookalike contest.
7.   Whois [April 17], 16,171. Jhong Hilario’s dick slip.
8.   Miscellany Saturday [September 14], 15,444. More boys!
9.   Thrusting [June 3], 15,326. Justin de Leon getting it from behind.
10. Centerfolds 2013 [September 2], 15,069.  The Cosmo centrefolds this year.

Lihis Showing Today

Troop to the movies y’all! Today is the start of the commercial run of the much-awaited and much-buzzed about movie Lihis starring moonlighting-underwear-models  Joem [in photo] and Jake.  Lihis – directed by Joel Lamangan from a  screenplay by Ricky Lee – is part of the first Sineng Pambansa All Masters Film Festival exclusive in SM Cinemas from 11-17 September 2013.

Real Man Joem

I don’t know with you, but when I look at actor and ex-underwear model Joem Bascon, I can smell S-E-X. I see sweat, body hair. I get a whiff of a strong musky, masculine scent. Blemishes and all, Joem is oozing with real man imperfection and irregularity. And I’m oohing. That said, watch Lihis, as our dear Joem dizzy-dazzles in his moments in the gay-themed flick starting 11 September in SM Cinemas nation wide.


Romance. Erotica. There’s more to the story in the new indie flick Lihis as Jake and Joem explore gay relations and fornication and Marxist leanings.  In the movie, Jake and Joem play two activists who go up the [Brokeback] mountain and fight not only for the country’s redemption against the dictatorial regime in the 70s but also for their love for each other. Nice. Lihis will be shown in SM Cinemas from 11-17 September 2013 as part of the Sineng Pambansa National Film Festival All Masters Edition.

Ode To Forbidden Love

Mark your calendars: 11 September 2013!

The much-awaited movie of love beyond the pale – Lihis will start its commercial run on said date, a Wednesday. Jake and Joem, of course, will provide the drama and the fireworks in this tragic story of two communist rebels who fall in love in the turbulent 70s.

Lihis is Director Joel Lamangan’s entry in the first Sineng Pambansa All Masters Film Festival exclusive in SM Cinemas nationwide this September.


Ah, everyone is getting into the party, this queering of mainstream tv and cinema! And the future looks fun. Joem Bascon and Jake Cuenca play gay communist rebels in Joel Lamangan’s latest feature film Lihis [probably an adaptation of Bent, from Martin Sherman’s 1979 play about gays in Nazi Germany]. Lihis is an entry to the 2013 Sineng Pambansa All Masters Series Film Festival in September.