Time was when Joem Bascon was one of the sexiest upstarts in the underwear modeling scene. He was come-hither in those Folded & Hung ads ages ago. Now, Joem, who is one mighty fine actor, is still an underwear endorser, although for a different brand.  


Underwear models Carlos Agassi and Joem Bascon ham it up for Guitar underwear’s latest fashion – Lichtenstein and Mondrian prints on tight skivvies. Okay, never mind Joem’s seriously coiffed hair, but I think there’s something sexy in these images of the guys in fancy-colored underthings. Hot or not?

Joem, Too

Throw in Joem Bascon, too, into the pretty-boy brew of ABS-CBN’s latest prime time hit, Walang Hanggan. The 25-year-old actor, who is still waiting in the wings for that one big break, is doing a supporting yet significant role in the soap. He is currently an underwear model for Guitar with Carlos Agassi.


The two leading men in the much-anticipated horror-fantasy flick from Regal Films, Aswang, are, uh, half-nekkid again. Sexy underwear models Paulo Avelino [left] and Joem Bascon topbill the movie about a mythical creature in Philippine folklore that’s human by day and a blood-sucking ghoul by night. Aswang is slated for a commercial run starting November 2.


The men-in-briefs-along-EDSA incident of the PRFU Philippine Volcanoes also took its toll on other brands with sexy shirtless guys. Guitar underwear pulled down its EDSA-Taft board of a beaming duo of Carlos Agassi and Joem Bascon wearing the brand’s cotton tighty whities. Instead, an image of Joem in immaculate white shirt and shorts is now displayed prominently in that area.


I may be seeing things, but Joem Bascon‘s photo above makes a good subject for wild imaginings. It must be the light, the angle or some stray shadow. I’m wishing it’s some sheer underwear though, revealing Joem’s, uh, anatomy.

More Joem

He’s finally stripped down to his undies and Joem Bascon can’t be any hotter these days. Guitar underwear was able to convince him as one of the new endorsers of the men’s line, and he’s blazing through in comfy skivvies. Hawt!

While My Guitar…

I look at the world and I notice it’s turning
While my guitar gently weeps…

Hey look! These ones are nice. Actors Joem Bascon [left] and Carlos Agassi add more heat to the summer in the newest ad campaign for Guitar underwear. This is the first time that tv and movie actor Joem Bascon is slipping into tiny briefs after his exposure in Folded and Hung years back. On the other hand, mighty muscled Carlos Agassi has been modeling the underwear brand for years, but it is only now that he’s fully donned the briefs for Guitar’s ads.


Is it the holiday season? Why do guys wear shiny jeans these days? Take for example Joem Bascon [top] and Jason Abalos. They’re shirtless in dem jeans, sheeny and satiny. No doubt these two most underrated actors in the ABS-CBN backlot are sexy and hot. But glossy jeans, really?


From Folded and Hung to Ego Jeans, actor Joem Bascon switches his endorsement and he still looks hot! The PR, reproduced exactly, goes – One of today’s top TV and movie actors and certified hunk Joem Bascon is the face of Ego Jeans’ Denim REMASTERED line. Joem fits the collection’s image to a T with his captivating personality and incredible talent that have made him one of the most bankable stars of his generation. For Joem, Ego Jeans embodies his personality: rugged and intense yet evoking a certain playfulness; calculated yet exuding an air of effortless cool. As the new Ego Guy, Joem is proud to represent a brand that inspires men to be themselves and show off their sexy, fashionable side. Just like Joem Bascon, bare your EGO and express yourself through fashion with Ego Jeans’ Denim REMASTERED line. Ego Jeans’s Denim REMASTERED collection is now available in all leading department stores nationwide.
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