Was Joem Bascon signed up by Folded & Hung before merely because of his strong resemblance to you-know-who? And now that Sam Milby got released from his Bench contract, Joem was unceremoniously dumped by the local clothing brand. In any case, Joem’s moving on just fine with his movie and tv projects. His F&H exposure definitely upped his street cred as his sexy billboards were raised around the metro.

Real Man

Dear Folded and Hung people, please do not drop actor Joem Bascon from your roll of models because he is steamy and sexy, worthy to wear your clothes, and although he is short, he has this boy-next-door image, you know, next door somewhere in inner city Manila where the streets are tough and the men are tougher, which is how Joem is like – lusty and hardy, rugged in other words [he is now sporting a real tat!] and although Hideo put on some bulge-defining briefs for your new underwear line, Joem can do that, too, as he did some short shorts billboard for F&H a season ago. P.S. Isn’t he channeling Piolo for Bench in this photo shoot wearing bespoke denims by Viktor Jeans?

Joem Absent

Bristly-bushy actor Joem Bascon was absent at the annual Cosmo party held the other day. No official explanation was given although his nonappearance could have been due to work, heavy work. Wait. He has work? Anyhow, the show went well. It would have been better if he’s there to show his hairy legs, furry chest and unshaven face.

So Cosmo!

Gerald Anderson

l-r: Aljur Abrenica, Ejay Falcon and Joem Bascon

l-r: Daniel Kenji Matsunaga, JC Tiuseco, Phil Younghusband and Sid Lucero

Let’s take a short Lem break and focus on the new centerfold guys of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine. There’s cute boy and hugely popular Gerald who edged out rising star Aljur for the cover boy position. Both are hot and handsome, if you ask me. The best-est pose, however, would have to be that of ballsy Ejay followed by hunky nekkid guys Joem and Daniel. JC and Phil and Sid Lucero are forever gorgeous, too! Enjoy!

Joem So Sexy

The 22-year-old actor is ready for the big league. Joem Bascon is one mighty fine actor who can whip up a dramatic storm and award-worthy moment in a movie scene and tv episode. Of course, he is also sexy and come-hither in those Folded & Hung ads where he is one of the endorsers. This year, he’s cited by Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine as one of the top ten hot new bachelors, proof-positive of his rising status as a serious actor with stunning [and sumptuous] looks.

Joem and Piolo

Real guy Joem Bascon [left] seems to have gotten out of the physically-resembles-Piolo stage in his showbiz career.  Joem has been busy lately with indie film projects, plus guest appearances on tv.  The 22-year-old actor is making his mark as a sensitive actor. And then there are the Folded & Hung billboards around the metro showing his great bod!  As for Mr. Pascual, well he’s still mighty fine – doing Bench ads, starring in movies, and shooting tv projects.

Joem So Fine!

This photo used to be a traffic hazard along C-5 Road until it was replaced by another distraction. Now, Joem Bascon‘s image is exposed in most Folded & Hung stores, the most prominent of which is a big reproduction in its Market!Market! Mall location where you can see every hair and pore on his fine skin.  I’m thinking this Joem Bascon is going to be big, thanks to F&H’s marketing strategy of pushing him into our collective consciousness. Confident, manly and sexy, the 22-year-old actor’s star is rising quickly and shining brightly.

Joem Bascon, Hung.

Is he? It looks like 22-year-old actor Joem Bascon is getting a big boost in his career with all those billboards around Metro Manila.  This young hunk’s images are in the ads for local clothing brand Folded & Hung, and he’s mostly shirtless [and sexy!] in the outdoor signs.  At 5’9″-tall and with a nice and lean bod, Joem Bascon rightfully deserves all those advertising space in the billboards. Hopefully, with the onset of summer, Folded & Hung will come out with an underwear-and-swimwear line for guys just like what it is doing with its girls’ division. But, of course, Joem Bascon should be in them bikinis!

Joem and Derek

Star Magic talents Joem Bascon and Derek Ramsey made it to the top ten Cosmopolitan centerfolds this year. While the 28-year-old Derek has been a centerfold in the previous years, this is the first time for 21-year old Joem to appear shirtless for the magazine. Derek has established himself on tv as a dramatic actor and host [and a reluctant sex symbol], which path Joem Bascon might have to undertake given his “howling” debut at the Cosmo show.


Dingdong Dantes
The 8 Cosmo Centerfolds

l-r: Jon Mullally, Paolo Paraiso, Joem Bascon
Bruno Folster and Marvin Wijangco

Derek Ramsey and Luke Jickain

It was a screamfest. The Cosmopolitan Bachelors’ Bash was a howling success, judging from the deafening shrieks from an audience gone wild over the eight Cosmo centerfolds who showed up, plus the other daring men who walked the stage shirtless and sometimes, in their bikinis and skivvies. Derek Ramsey drew the loudest reaction from the crowd, as well as Dingdong Dantes and a revved-up Luke Jickain. While Joem Bascon was cutesy and Jon Mullaly aka Jon Avila was bashful, Bruno Folster and Marvin Wijangco were working the audience with their charm. Of course, Paolo Paraiso, who went in first, threw his shirt to the audience and walked the ramp, confident and sassy. And then there was Dingdong Dang-Teats, in a dramatic entrance. For a while I thought he’ll just stick with his shirt on. But then again, he simply ripped it up and proudly strutted the catwalk.
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