Metro Body: John James

It’s John James Uy‘s turn to do another round of sexy. Post BeBench, the cute model and bit player is active on tv again. He’s daring and baring in this year’s Body Issue of Metro Magazine.  Buy the magazine, featuring hot boys [and girls] in various degrees of nakedness for the magazine’s 25th year anniversary celebration!

Centerfolds 2012!

So we have the new list. Let’s see. The main man’s Paulo Avelino, shirtless just like last year in the magazine’s annual fleshfest issue. Of course, this one’s a bit conservative considering what he’s doing for his brand Bench Body.

Next, we get to see Mikael Daez again. After his star turn in a campy movie, he’s quietly doing the afternoon and prime time series for his home studio GMA. No images of him in bikinis and briefs, still.

Singer Markki Strom gets to tease us with his bulge. Remember his Bench fashion show appearance a few years back? Ballsy!

Of course, we get the token big-guy-in-tight-briefs just like Neil Etheridge last year. This time, it’s big guy John Spainhour – model most ubiquitous – in tight briefs.
Comeback kid John James Uy shows us his form that nearly won him the Bench model search five long years ago. He still has it!

The twins! The twins Anthony and David Semerad display their fine forms. A prelude to their exposure next year, as the hunky siblings start to play for the Blue Eagles in the UAAP.
Underwear model Ian Batherson looks emaciated here, but he is hot, hot, hot in person! He’s now busy with his tv commercials, after an acting career went pffft.

And then there’s GMA’s brightest hope – Alden Richards. He’s slowly gaining ground in the leading-man department. Who knows, maybe he’ll be on the cover next year? In a bikini!

Ahh, little man JM de Guzman! The bring-home-to-momma boy is ABS-CBN’s favorite, too, as he top bills a long-running afternoon soap.

Lastly, Paulo Avelino-clone Joseph Marco takes off his shirt for the magazine. The former model is determined to make his mark in showbiz next year, with a huge PR machinery behind him.

Pretty Boys

Pretty, pretty boys, shirtless and in denims. Who’s the fairest of them all? Is it Be Bench runner-up John James Uy [leftmost], now a commercial model and bit player on tv? Or maybe ABS-CBN’s new boy-of-the-moment Haroun Morales [2nd from left]? I bet some dig ex-Manhunt International contestant Marvin Wijangco [3d from left] more. Others like former Big Brother housemate and model Kian Kazemi [rightmost] . Catch these boys in July when they go on stage in their briefs for the biennial Bench underwear show!

Cutesome Threesome

Oh my! Three cute boys singing, doesn’t matter if they are not harmonizing. They are chanting shirtless, hamming it up for the audience. Let’s see…. there’s the nerdy John James Uy, and then the bouncy one, Marvin Wijangco plus the chary Haroun Morales [l-r] of the Coverboys and the Bench underwear models group. All young, sexy and adorable!

John and Ron again

It’s John and Ron again, in tighty whities, for the Bench White Gold series! The two runners-up at the Be Bench model search seem to be getting a lot of breaks lately on on tv and modeling assignments. Brooding Haroun “Ron” Morales is in the fantasy sleuth series Palos of ABS-CBN, aside from appearances in the network’s soaps and shows. Meanwhile, perky John James Uy is a semi-regular in the Sunday noontime show in the same network, while appearing in tv commercials, soaps and shows.

John and Ron

The finalists of Be Bench – John James Uy and Haroun “Ron” Morales pose together in their skivvies. John James is knee-deep in tv shows on ABS-CBN, as he is being groomed as the third wheel of a popular loveteam. Haroun, the brooding one, is also seen in the network’s soaps and sitcoms. Although they failed to get the top prize in the Be Bench Model Search, both have been getting better exposures than ultimate winner Carlo Guevara. Both are also more daring in their publicity shots.

John James Uy has no pretensions….

…of being wholesome and all. He declared in a magazine interview that he is willing to pose with just his skivvies on as he had the body to show off. John James Uy is the 5’10”-tall commercial model who was the first to be eliminated at the Be Bench Finals Night held recently. However, he was the first among the finalists to get a deal with the ABS-CBN network as he was cast as the third wheel of a popular love team in the Lovespell series.

The Be Bench boys in briefs

Who’s the hottest? The top three boys at the Be Bench: Be Famous or Be Anonymous Model Search finally reveal themselves in Bench underwear. Ultimate winner Carlo Guevara [middle] surprisingly looks trim and fit despite his boyish mien. Brooding runner-up Haroun “Ron” Morales [left], a Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007 alumnus, is the hot stuff. And eliminee John James Uy [right], who was the front-runner during the weekly eliminations but got waylaid during the finals night, is showing some promise with his boy-next-door demeanor. So, who’s the hottest of them all?

Bench Finals on TV tonight

The Be Bench: Be Famous or Be Anonymous Grand Finals will be shown on tv tonight. Of course, everyone knows, 18-year-old Carlo Guevara [middle] took home the grand prize. First to be eliminated was Sam Milby clone, John James Uy [right], touted as the heavy favorite early on in the image model search. Calm and composed Haroun Morales [left] nearly got the top plum, as he slugged it out with Carlo Guevara towards the finale. Here’s hoping Haroun will eventually get his due, now that he got a bit famous during the contest.