Phone Cam Pics

Here we go again. Guys with iPhones (or Android phones). 
These are the boys who take pictures of themselves shirtless.
Most are famous in their own showbiz way. Except one notorious anonymous guy who loves
the naked selfie too much. 
Selfie regular Ahron Villena

Vastly improving Albie Casino
Underwear model Enzo Pineda

Hunky moreno Fred Payawan
Lanky ex-underwear model Jason Abalos

Leading man John Lloyd Cruz

Gaunt Joseph Marco

Diminutive Rocco Nacino

TV comic and ex-model Zanjoe Marudo

Don’t mind the skewed tiles and impossible waistline, 
the notorious yet anonymous guy is a hottie anyways.


No doubt, 27-year-old John Lloyd Cruz is the most popular actor these days. He’s practically everywhere – lording over the box office, topping the tv ratings with his soaps, and hamming it up for tv commercials. But he’ll never go sexy. He won’t take off his shirt, he won’t wear briefs for photo shoots, heck, he won’t even show us his nips and pits. So the photo above would have to be the closest encounter with some JLC skin. Yeah, knees and skinny legs. We’ll have to make do, of course.