In leaps and bounds

Johnmark1How does one become legit in modeling? You know, major product endorsements, magazine editorialsĀ  and runway shows, that legit. Maybe we should ask Johnmark Marcia who literally came from nothing (wearing nothing) and bounced up the modeling ladder a few notches higher, with his latest underwear endorsement for Omni, which is considerably a major and commercial brand.

JohnmarkOf course, he has also appeared in a movie, a Bench underwear flash-and-pop show, and countless nude and fashion photoshoots. How’s that for a bikini boy? So, going back to the query, do all these little feats make him legit now? Up there in the male model definition?


JhonmarkOur was-is post this week is John Mark Marcia, who toiled from the bottom of the sleaze shows of yore, wearing almost nothing but some mask, string, a piece of gauze and a bit of dignity on. We all have to start somewhere, right? And he chose that!

IMG_5867These days, he can look back at his colorful and sordid past as he’s now a Bench Body model. Well, at least in the last fleshtravaganza at the Mall of Asia Arena where he walked down the ramp in his legit underwear in a legit show on a legit stage. Way to go!


Win some, lose some. That’s what Jhon Mark Marcia may be thinking right now as he failed to get one of the top prizes and positions in yesterday’s major bikini contest. Nevertheless, John Mark’s unfazed and he’s ready to take on a dozen more bikini open competitions in the coming months. His last win was at Heatwave: The Summer Bikini Showdown 2010 where he won first runner-up.

More Hataw Boys!

More boys from the Hataw Super Bodies Bikini Open Year 5! From top to bottom: Josh Marzan [18, 5’9″], Job Gayta [19, 6′], John Mark Marcia [18, 6′], Jay-C Santos [20, 5’10”], Jacob de Guzman [18,5’10”], and Charles David [18, 5’8″]. The finals night will be held on 18 August 2010 at the Metro Bar in Quezon City. For tickets and other details [except the booking questions], you may call 710.0352 or 0929 186.8060.