Miller Time

Where’s John Miller, the Filipino-Australian guy of the now-defunct Provoq group? Remember him with the green [or sometimes, brown] eyes? Stands 5’8″-tall and most painfully shy and reserved among the Provoq boys? Last time we heard of him was in that M2M4 flick, where he did not show much actually. Well, in Lips Bar last year, he had a series of shows that left little to the imagination. Too bad, he didn’t do well in showbiz. I wonder where he is now.

John Miller Unwinds

Filipino-Australian John Miller is one of the guys in this site with the most number of images and posts. That is because this 5’8″-tall cutie never fails to tease and thrill with everything that he does – from his Provoq days to Lips Bar nights and now in the M2M4 video, where he gets to have steamy scenes with Cedric Javier. The thing is, although John Miller has stripped more than a hundred times – whether on a shoddy stage in San Juan or on a tony platform in NBC Tent – he has never gone full frontal, all the way. Maybe he’s reserving such for private purposes?

M2M4 Boys

Hail, hail, the gang’s all here! The boys of the straight-to-video gay flick M2M4 EXXXXTREME [The Ultimate Guide to Sensational Sex] are all posing and primping together. Say, if you were given the chance to choose among the guys, who would it be and why?  Remember, it’s just a freebie and a night. Will you get the hustlers or the innocent-looking boy? The hot guy or the hunky veteran?  Lots of choices, difficult decision. 

M2M4 now out!

One of the most important movies of Philippine cinema, M2M4 EXXXXTREME (The Ultimate Guide to Sensational Sex) is now out in your favorite video stores (DVD/VCD formats). It stars Paolo Rivero, John Miller (of Men of Provoq), Cedric Javier (of Viva Hotmen), Joseff Young a.k.a. Seff Posadas (of Showboyz) and Kristofer King . Judging from the promo pictures, I think we’re in for some treat from the boys. Those who have seen the video can post their reviews here.

John Miller stays

Question: Why does John Miller prefer to remain in Manila despite offers for him to do Macau?  I’m just wondering because obviously a stint in the Gambling Capital of Asia is more lucrative than say, an appearance in Showboyz or a session at the bar formerly known as Lips. Surely, with his Aussie-Filipino looks, this 5’7″-tall former Provoq guy would be a top draw in the entertainment places in Fisherman’s Wharf in Macau.  I’m just particularly curious.

John Miller for two nights! Again.

Ok, enough about the modeling gloss and the glamor first. Here’s an announcement from the little bar that could:  John Miller of Provoq is dancing again at the bar formerly known as Lips on 12 and 13 December [11 pm]. John Miller‘s terpsichorean tour de force is entitled Striptease [The Repeat], and you don’t need to speculate what the shy Provoq guy will discharge, I mean – uh, pull off, on stage.  So, mark the date and proceed to the bar located at 152 Aurora Blvd. cor. G. Reyes St. in San Juan [near the J.Ruiz station of LRT-2]. If you get lost, just follow the shiny happy people tramping and traipsing along a narrow street right next to a gas station.

John Miller for two nights!

Newsflash: The shy Provoq guy, John Miller is headlining a show tonight and tomorrow night [28 and 29 November] at the bar formerly known as Lips [near LRT-2 J. Ruiz Station along Aurora Blvd in San Juan, M.M.].  It will be two revealing nights at the bar as John Miller – who changes the color of his eyes in six different hues consistent with his moods – strips to the bare necessities and the standard Lips gear, e.g. beads and sheer fabric.  Just watch the shows, guys, and see how transparent our Provoq man can get! Show starts at 11 p.m.!

Where is John Miller?

Provoq guy John Miller is, how’d you say it, uh, not progressing in his career.  I like John Miller not only for his mestizo [he is Aussie-Filipino] looks but also because he’s the most reserved yet one of the friendliest in his group.  Quiet and unassuming, John Miller seemed like a reluctant showbiz player.  But he can be oh-so-daring at times. Well, most of the time and he is so endearing. Too bad, he has disappeared from the limelight, after doing those bits for the tacky underwear shows.