Rear Entry

John copyTop model John Spainhour is back, giving more buttocks for your buck. You’ve seen his full frontal sweetness, now gawk at his backside sweatiness ! Isn’t he bringing the rear to whole new levels?

SammySam Ajdani may not be known for plump buttocks but he may be better recognized for his front parts. You know, face and stuff. And then again, it’s a toss-up as to which side of Sammy is better – the back or the front.  You decide.

The Brothers Spainhour

spainsMost of us have been focusing on the more visible brother John Spainhour, but the family genes (and jewels) really run deep (and big) as he has an equally-hot brother who goes by the name of, well you guessed it right, James. So let’s start by giving all the attention to James, who up until now had not gotten much of the swooning-admiration!