John All

Jon Hall was every gay boy’s puberty fantasy in the 90s and early aughts. His BenchBody underwear ads were always bordering on the masculine salaciousness of that era, you could almost smell the testosterone. These days, he’s retired abroad but his images in undies, sans modesty cap, still tease us. I got this in the email, and it’s a shame not to share. You decide if it’s really him, Smut Sleuth.

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Hall the way!

JonHall1209They don’t make them like they used to. Bench underwear models a decade ago were badass handsome men, smelling of tough testosterone in their underwear photo shoots.  Figure that one out with Exhibit A: Jon Hall who owned the underwear brand’s endorsement in its early shop years.  Jon Hall is the real Bench Body model. Twinks are so 2016.

Hall of Fame

Those were the days. That time when the male models were rough and raw. Bold and daring. Hard edged, actually. With lots of body hair. The time of Jon Hall, in tiny underwear, posing and primping for a fledgling undergarments brand called Bench.  Unabashedly walking down the ramp for Cosmo Bash, after his centerfold shot in the Cosmo [Phils] magazine.  Bring it all back Bench and Cosmo!


On the occasion of Bench Body‘s biennial underwear extravaganza [tonight and tomorrow], where all the bulges come out to play, I remember, too, the best buttocks that went on display in the past shows. From left, there’s fat-bottomed boy Wendell Ramos, who never fails to expose those plump cheeks every other year. One year, hunky model Andrew Wolff went out in his thongs and the coliseum went wild. And then there’s boyish Brent Javier, who’s quite daring, too, in the early years of the fleshfest of Bench. Lastly, original Bench hunk Jon Hall had to show off his sexy brown buttocks in the show.


Now that September’s fast approaching, the biennial Bench Body fleshfest is something to look forward to. One of the regulars in the show is hunky Fil-Brit model and occasional actor Jon Hall. The 6′-tall model, who spent his first seven years in Cebu and the next decade in Florida came back to the Philippines with hopes of joining major basketball leagues. However, after talent casters discovered him, Jon has blazed the runway in major ramp shows . He also did two adult movies [Xerex and Sinful Nights].

The Boys of My Beloved

Here are more photos of the angel boys from the new prime time series of GMA, My Beloved, set to preem on Monday, 13 February 2012. John Hall [top images] returns on tv after his memorable appearance in the Survivor series last year. Of course, you’ve seen Fabio Ide‘s photos earlier as one of the half-nekkid angels on the show. Judging the promo pics, will we see more bulges and bumps in this series?