Now and Then

The “NOW”part would have to be the one in green. For a time, Jon Mullally a.k.a. Jon Avila lorded it over the Bench Body underwear empire as one of the favoritest models. Now, he’s hardly seen on national tv and the ads of the underthings company. With the latest image of Jon, is he still hawt? Hypothetically, would you pay Php 50k just to be with him?

Grainy Pics

Grainy pics. Old pics Sunday. At the biennial Bench underwear show in 2006 dubbed as Bench Fever, the models came out hot and ready for the fleshfest. 

 A then-unknown model by the name of Jon Mullally appeared on stage in tiny jocks. 
He went on to become a Bench underwear model favorite.

 Bit player Marco Alcaraz also showed his fine moreno form.

 Veteran model Luke Jickain could hardly contain his excitement and hard-on.

 Model Robby Mananquil was game, pre-rhinolasty.

Promising model Iago Raterta made his last appearance before becoming an illegal alien in the US.

And, of course, the cream of the crop then – a butt-nekkid Andrew Wolff!

Not-So Vintage Sunday

I found this one in the old files. A few years ago, Jon Mullally a.k.a. Jon Avila was one of the few it-boys in the Bench Body block. He was in practically all the major campaigns, ads and shows of the underwear company. A number of more daring ingenues and upstarts later, he’s now out of the whole scene. He’s also hardly seen in showbiz circles these days. 

Miscellany Saturday

Today I am posting your contributions – photos of half-nekkid boys that went through the mail. Some are too good not to share. Young and not-so young actors and celebs. They are all here!

Albie got older and sexier.

Bugz Daigo married a transexual. Read the news.
Carl is still a bit player in GMA.

Dennis is a big star now in GMA, thanks to that gay soap.

Derrick just turned 18. He could be a big star in GMA.

On the other side, Enrique is such a tease whenever he bumps and grinds.

Hideo is horny.
Ian has a flat butt.

And I didn’t know Johnron and Marco have a movie together.

Jobless Jon is still a hottie. Put him in the indies fast!

Matteo has a big bod and big arms and yummy pits!
Cute boy Vivo got gaunt. Post prison.

Has-been Wendell is not so fat after all.

And the king of selfies is Ahron.
At the gym.

In the love shack.
At the gym again. See!


So Jon Mullally‘s back! After a one-year hiatus, the 6’1″-tall model and occasional actor re-appeared on tv last Sunday in his skivvies. Of course, that noon time flashing – all that dancing, er, gyrating with the noticeable bulge down there, made him so desirable once again  a la Bench Body days of yore.  The tv guesting was a reunion of sorts for their bump-and-grinder group Coverboys


Which Bench Body campaign of Jon Mullally is your favorite? The reason I’m asking is because the hunky model-actor is finally hanging up his jockeys for good. Well, actually he’s leaving showbiz and the Philippines for good. Jon is going back to his native England, and as homage to this bulge-y hunk of Bench Body past, I’m posting most of his images for the underwear company. We will definitely miss you Mr. Mullally!