Scandal Squad

scandal squad

Oh gawd, with the terrible exception of Ian Veneracion and that boxer guy, these boys seem to be having a reunion on the basketball court somewhere in Batangas! I got this from the mail, so kudos to memechi1089 for taking time out to point this to me, us. The boys are undermanned so maybe we can recommend some recruits.



And the next underwear model should be chunky-hairy 26-year-old actor Joross Gamboa! There are still lots of local underwear brands in the market needing some get-up-and-go, the necessary nudge. Long-standing brands such as Brute, Puritan Briefs, Carter, and my favorite – YC Bikini Briefs [“For the man who likes to wallop!“] should get him as an endorser. So how about it for Mr. Joross?


Since I’m off on a long trip today and I might not be able to put up some posts tomorrow, I’m leaving you first an image of Joross Gamboa. Don’t comment about his two front teeth, his soft hairs between his legs, or maybe the bushy spots under his arms. Don’t disparage his body – the abs, the arms, the strong young legs. Joross Gamboa has grown up to be a fine young man and his career’s on the rise again after that physical transformation. Also, I can’t believe I wrote this post two years ago.


Seen at the Cosmo Bachelors Bash 2010 recently were two of the most talked about boys in the previous posts – Aljur Abrenica [left] and Joross Gamboa. Aljur is still a big topic from the last post. I’m wondering what keeps the comments coming – from sordid stories to fancy fables, Aljur‘s still a huge draw. On the other hand, a new Joross is also generating some buzz. The erstwhile teen heartthrob is now a hunk! Keep the comments flowing!

Joross is getting hotter

I don’t know with you guys but I’m finding Joross Gamboa hot these days.  Cute and hot. Now that he has started to hit the gym and bulk up a bit, who knows we’ll soon see him in the pages of Mr. Caw’s magazines.  It will be an opportune time because his career needs that adrenaline shot –  that one moment when he can successfully do the transition from teenybopper-jokester to mature-nudester. I’m kidding. I like the kid and I hope he succeeds soon!

Mishmash. Candid.

Some cleaning to do. These are varied photos sent in to my email, which photos are up for deletion. Might as well share them with you guys, on a slow Saturday morning. There’s Aga Muhlach sleeping shirtless, while Christian Vasquez is half awake in his boxers.

Diether Ocampo, rarely seen on tv these days and busy with his charities, takes off his shirt in a public function, while swimmer and teen actor Enchong Dee flexes for the camera.

And then there’s Angelo Ilagan [white shorts] , turning 18 this month, who caused quite a stir recently with his sexy photos released in the web. Joross Gamboa [middle photo] is making a comeback from a showbiz lapse but has reportedly turned down a gay role in a movie recently. There’s perennial bachelor Paolo Bediones [34 years old] in a rare amateur photo.

And the naked guy in the hazy photo is Omar Principe of the male dancing group Masculados.

Must Love Dogs

Joross Gamboa loves dogs.

John Archer, a psychologist at the University of Central Lancashire [Preston, UK], has been trying to figure out for some time why people love their pets. In evolutionary terms, love for dogs and other pets “poses a problem,” he writes. Being attached to animals is not, strictly speaking, necessary for human health and welfare. According to Archer, while it is true that studies show that people with pets live a bit longer and have better blood pressure than benighted non-owners, yet in the literal sense, we don’t really need all those dogs and cats to survive. Archer’s alternative Darwinian theory: Pets manipulate the same instincts and responses that have evolved to facilitate human relationships, “primarily (but not exclusively) those between parent and child.” Or, to look at it from the opposite direction, Archer suggests, “consider the possibility that pets are, in evolutionary terms, manipulating human responses, that they are the equivalent of social parasites.” Social parasites inject themselves into the social systems of other species and thrive there. Dogs are masters at that. They show a range of emotions—love, anxiety, curiosity—and thus trick us into thinking they possess the full range of human feelings.