Porn Star Boss

If you Google “Jose Sarasola,” numerous links will lead you to a wank video featuring a person who looks a bit like this sexy chef in his younger years.  These days, Mr. Sarasola, who shot to fame via the reality show Fear Factor Philippines, is a successful restaurant owner and the reason he’s featured here today is, well, he’s in a relationship with a famous porn star.

Scandal Squad

scandal squad

Oh gawd, with the terrible exception of Ian Veneracion and that boxer guy, these boys seem to be having a reunion on the basketball court somewhere in Batangas! I got this from the mail, so kudos to memechi1089 for taking time out to point this to me, us. The boys are undermanned so maybe we can recommend some recruits.


Sexy Cook

Twenty-five-year-old Jose Sarasola is our Monday boy. A culinary arts graduate, he was discovered on the Philippine edition of Fear Factor. Although he didn’t win the competition, it was enough springboard for this Filipino-Spanish hunk to jump into showbiz via ABS-CBN’s soaps and shows.