The Hunks

Although the years have taken their toll on their bodies, the memories of a titillating and arousing past will forever be etched in our collective horny thoughts. Puberty lust objects, Josh Ivan Morales and Carlos Agassi were seen together by a beach resort  as presenters for a bikini open (Allen Molina won this one, again. Of course.) This is your Sunday dose of man-meat!


Speaking of Bench and its biennial show, do you remember this scene at the Blackout Show a couple of years ago when [l-r] Josh Ivan Morales, Johnron Tanada, Anthony Logan and Gabriel del Rosario went on stage with nothing on but a few accessories covering their knees and arms? This only means that the Bench show is not only an underwear fashion show [It is also an accessories show]. And in case you forget to wear your Bench briefs for the go-see, you can always go commando and strip down, citing this particular episode in the fleshfest.

Lihim Anniversary

Exactly two years ago today, 4 February 2008, one of the best gay-themed movies had its director’s cut premiere at the University of the Philippines Film Institute. Ang Lihim ni Antonio played to a hushed crowd in a jam-packed theater. The coming-of-age movie [with full emphasis on coming] was shocking and disturbing because of its theme. As one of the hits of the Altarejos-Bonife tandem [Parola], Lihim went on a commercial run on the eve of Valentine’s Day, which date marked the start of a successful movie screening in limited theaters. Photo shows the stars Kenjie Garcia [left] as the young boy enamored with his uncle played by Josh Ivan Morales.

JIM attempts at being artsy

That’s Josh Ivan Morales for you!  How about, for a change this time, Josh Ivan Morales of Antonio fame, covered and not totally naked?  Well, at least he’s not dangling his dong. Here, he attempts at some fantasy shoot, artsy in a way, like some harbinger of abundance and prosperity. Does it work for you?  No? Ok, go to Pat’s blog [link] where you can see some hardcore JIM in the Manila Exposed series. Have a nice day!

Provoq guys in Bench show

While we’re at it, on the subject of the Bench show, I mean, here’s an interesting photo of guys who look familiar. Let’s see…there’s Maico Eduria aka Josh Ivan Morales, who’s no stranger to flashing in public. And then the guy with the outstretched arms [and clenched butt] looks like.. the Johnron! Delish! The other guy would have to be Anthony Logan, I presume. There were other Provoq guys in there, and although they were not that noticed, they were the most provocative among  all the models after all.


Recently, some comments veered towards the propriety of trimming the bush. Everyone has his own, uh, taste and preference for the length of the fur and fuzz down there, so there’s no freakin’ need to argue, guys. Here’s Maico Eduria aka Josh Ivan Morales of Antonio fame, who has been known to keep the forest wild and grassy. Sometimes mistaken for being the aloof and arrogant one in Provoq, Josh Ivan is just reserved and unassuming in person. On cam, of course, he’s the most daring one in his group.

Antonio’s Secret is Out!

Ang Lihim ni Antonio [Antonio’s Secret] had a successful premiere recently at the UP Film Institute. The uncut version of the “boldest gay film in Philippine history” was screened to an SRO crowd. It stars newcomer twinkie Kenjie Garcia and Josh Ivan Morales aka Maico Eduria [in photo] of Provoq . On 13 February, the movie will have its regular run at the Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Bacolod and Eden Theater (Cebu). I’m wondering, Lex, if the uncut version will be shown in those theaters, too?