Tomorrow, there will be a go-see for male models who wish to work in Macau. Guys are required to bring face and body photos [setcards, perhaps] plus a photocopy of their passports. The venue is at the Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila, that grand hotel in the corner of Pedro Gil and M.H. del Pilar Streets in Malate District, Manila. To those who are genuinely interested, I’ll be posting the other details tomorrow morning. And, by the way, dishy Jude Marco Sy-pongco [in photo] will be there with his boss, who will be doing the screening.

Dream Cast

Jude Marco Sy-pongco is back and there’s good news as he opens a new door!

l-r: the Johnron, Harry Chua and Jude Marco Sy-pongco
Last Saturday, 7 February 2009, Harry Chua a.k.a. Harry Laurel and his manager plus a movie producer, dropped by Macau and met up with the Johnron and boy-of-the-hour Jude Marco Sy-pongco.  The next day, the group proceeded to Pok Liu [Lamma Island] in Hong Kong for a photo shoot of the three boys. This meeting was held to discuss the new documentary and indie film [untitled at present] that Harry, Johnron and Jude Marco will most definitely be doing together in the next couple of months. Since Harry needs to lose a bit of the poundage, shooting will start next month in Macau, Hong Kong and Manila.  Photo above was taken a few days ago, and if you ask me, the boys look great!

Kian Kazemi is getting hotter!

Kian Kazemi [left], the 22-year-old Filipino-Iranian model who snagged relative fame as one of the housemates in the Philippine edition of Big Brother, seems to be getting sexier by the day. And he is starting to get noticed. At the biennial Bench underwear show last year, he showed his lean and mean form, much to the delight of the shrieking audience that night.  Recently, he won at the Star Awards as one of the Best Travel Show Hosts for his ABS-CBN show Trip na Trip.  Kian Kazemi should be getting more projects soon, if you ask me.  By the way, Kian is shown in the picture with his friend, a model-actor by the name of Jude Marco.

Then and Now: Jude Marco

The first guy in our Then-and-Now series is this site’s newest phenom, male model Jude Marco Sy-pongco. A few years back, he had long curly hair, which made him stand out from a crowd. Of course, he had fair, smooth and rosy skin [see left photo]. Now, Jude Marco has moved to Macau as a dancer and entertainer and he is reportedly doing well, career- and financial-wise. He still looks gorgeous, except that he cut his hair short [see right photo]. This photo on the right was taken last November 2008, when he looked a bit lighter. Just the same, he looks mighty fine, if you ask me.

Jude Marco in red!

Ah, the many different faces of Jude Marco Sy-pongco! Here’s one taken four years ago, back when he was only twenty years old and competing at the 2004 Mr. & Ms. Bikini International Philippines. That time he was up against the likes of pro models Carlos Concepcion, Guiness Nabung and his bestest friend Miggs Espina, Bembol Cabasal, Verlyn Hizon and Jadel Lee. And then the more daring ones like dick-a-day featured guys Randolph Dungo and Cherroy Curamen, plus porn flick lead Marko Maristela were also in the contest. It was a big group of guys, actually. Some became quite famous. Some went on to become bit players in the movies. Some just dropped their briefs for posterity. Although Jude Marco didn’t win at that time, he is surely winning them over now in Macau!

Hey Jude Marco!

I never thought that a single post on Jude Marco Sy-pongco could generate so much reaction from his, er, fans. The guy’s working now in Macau and reportedly, he’s one of the top earners in his workplace because of his pearly-white skin and charming personality.  It’s a good thing he is earning his keep and trying to achieve his goals and dreams abroad.  In the meantime, in his absence, maybe we’ll just content ourselves with some posts of his photos here, now and then, like the one above when he was a wee bit younger.

Dishy: Jude Marco Sy-pongco

Twenty-four-year-old Jude Marco Sy-pongco is a familiar face in the male bikini pageant circuit. A native of Escalante City, Negros Occidental, Jude Marco was the Maharlikang Pilipino – Metro Manila 2005 titleholder.  He is a tv and movie actor, too, in most ABS-CBN shows. Aside from that, he is a theater actor under the Gantimpala Theater Foundation.  The charming model-actor is now working in Macau.