The Top 10 of 2013

The top ten posts based on the unique page views [as of December 30]! Last year, the top post was all about the cute brothers Roque, followed by Benjamin Alves’s nether hair. Now, it’s back to dicks and more dicks, as you viewed a relatively old picture more than a thousand times to top the list. Page views in itals after the title –
1.   Not So Vintage Sunday [May 12], 20,076. Gio Gapas and Justin de Leon fornicating.
2.   Miscellany Saturday [August 10], 18,586. Boys, lots of boys in various stages of undress.
3.   On The Occasion Of Aljur’s “Macho Dancing”  [April 27], 18,240. Aljur. Dancing. Sexy.
4.   Ode To Forbidden Love [July 25], 17,774. Jake and Joem by the river naked.
5.   Bent [July 5], 16,504. Jake and Joem promoting their gay flick.
6.   Kalokalike [June 2], 16,478. Ex-hustler Jon Romano winning a lookalike contest.
7.   Whois [April 17], 16,171. Jhong Hilario’s dick slip.
8.   Miscellany Saturday [September 14], 15,444. More boys!
9.   Thrusting [June 3], 15,326. Justin de Leon getting it from behind.
10. Centerfolds 2013 [September 2], 15,069.  The Cosmo centrefolds this year.

T-back Thursday

Oh, whatever happened to Harry Laurel [and Justin de Leon, too]? Where are they now past their  indie nekkid frolic prime? Back when we were not yet awfully sated with cute boys dropping their pants, showing their butt and scrotum, these two lorded it over the gay fantasies of yore appearing in one memorable film and countless queer magazine spreads. Those were the days.

Not So Vintage Sunday

Exactly three years ago today, the commercial showing of Pulupot was held. It is actually a queer flick starring Provoq hot guy Justin de Leon and exotic dancer Gio Gapas

 As you know by now, Mr. Gapas buggered Justin in the movie, frontal nudity and all. The all-time top three most viewed posts in this site are all about the movie: 1. “Pulupot”; 2. Take A Picture; and 3. Justin and Gio.

Take A Picture

Treemount Pictures, the producer of the new gay flick Pulupot, together with the director Monti Parungao and Lex Bonife, would like to thank everyone who braved Friday night traffic and went to the premiere at the Robinson Galleria theater. By way of saying thank you, here’s a still from the movie, showing Gio Gapas‘s penis and Justin de Leon‘s buttocks. The good news is that the movie’s frontal nudity scenes [except the pumping and “touching” ones], according to Lex, were approved by the dreaded MTRCB. Pulupot starts its commercial run on 12 May 2010 in gay-friendly theaters nationwide.


On 7 May 2010, Friday, the new indie flick Pulupot will have its premiere at the Robinsons Galleria, where the lead actors Justin de Leon [bottom] and Gio Gapas [top] will have a meet-and-greet act at the theater lobby. Pulupot is about the sexual adventures of a male prostitute [Gapas] with a discreet gay guy [De Leon], a pragmatic sex worker and a loving transgender and the complications that come with it. The movie premiere tickets are sold at Php200. Commercial showing starts on 12 May 2010 in selected theaters.


Ooops! Justin de Leon is caught taking a dive for Gio Gapas‘s burrito! It’s actually a scene from the new Monti Parungao [Sagwan, Bayaw] and Lex Bonife [Parola, Antonio] movie Pulupot. According to Lex, “Pulupot is about the sexual adventures of a hunky hosto [Gapas] with a discreet gay man [De Leon], a pragmatic sex worker and a loving transgender and the complications that come with it.” The movie premieres 7 May 2010, 8pm at the Robinsons Galleria. Tickets at Php200. Commercial showing starts on 12 May 2010 in selected theaters.

Justin and Gio

Hunky-sexy Justin de Leon [black briefs] is back in the indie screen as he headlines the new movie Pulupot by Parola screenwriter Lex Bonife and Sagwan director Monti Parungao. Justin plays a gay guy in love with a cute young thing [Gio Gapas, in photo]. Of course, there are the requisite penis and butt shots, plus the teasing and thrilling feel of gay romance and love! The movie’s showing on 28 April 2010 in limited theaters.

Justin does Fidel

After his stint on primetime tv’s Ang Babaeng Hinugot Sa Aking Tadyang [lead: Dingdong], hot guy Justin de Leon, the guy made famous by the lighthouse movie, is in a new movie called Fidel with Jon Hall and Joao Mapa. Fidel is a Cinemalaya 2007 semi-finalist and it is only now that the commercial run’s scheduled. Directed by Mark Shandii Bacolod from the screenplay of Charlotte Dianco, Fidel’s plot summary is as follows: “Fidel is a Filipino worker who is on death row in the Middle East for killing his employer. Because of a woman reporter who is bent on doing a full story about him, government officials are now trying to help him. Fidel insists that he killed his employer on purpose. The reporter learns about his past- a boy-next-door type of person who grew up with a loving family. His profile doesn’t fit the picture of a killer. Sister Lourdes, the Filipino nun who visits Fidel regularly wants to know the truth too. But can she handle the truth? “