Just Like Justin

Sammy should just shed his clothes off and do indie flicks that show more skin. He should wear tiny ‘kinis or tighty whities courtesy of F & H a la Etheridge. And while he’s at it – attempting another shot at stardom along the lines of mass hysteria and fantardism, Sammy should do the stiff one-eye in dem underwear shots. Just like Justin, our token bikini boy for the day.


They all know each other. They’ve probably met in a bikini contest in Santiago Cove, Ilocos Sur or maybe in the Ginoong Magayon competition in Legazpi City. Or perhaps Lips Bar from way back. They’re most happy and comfy parading in wispy little nothings with numbers attached. It’s all about the prize money and the thrill of being admired by an ogling bunch out for some sleazefest. These are the boys, regulars in the bikini competitions around town!

Santuaryo Today!

The DVD of Santuaryo will be released today in major stores. The features of the disc are – [a] full-length movie sans cuts, which means the censored scenes in the commercial run will be restored for viewing pleasure in the privacy of your own home; [b] DVD extra feature of more than 30 sexy photos of the actors in the film; and [c] mini poster inside the case. As for the poster, the DVD will have a slip case, which when removed will reveal the folded poster within the transparent cover sleeve of the DVD case. The photo of Justin Dizon above is part of the bigger picture of all the Santuaryo actors posing without their jockeys for the bonus poster. Cheapskates who buy bootleg versions of the movie won’t be able to see the poster or the photos. Buy the original DVD, natch!

Santuaryo Today!

Hail, hail the gang’s all here! The new all-boy indie flick Santuaryo is showing today, Wednesday at the following theaters – Robinsons Galleria, Remar, Roben, Gotesco Grand Central, Isetann Cinerama, Gotesco Commonwealth, and Cebu Ultravistarama. Basti Romero [in jeans] is leading the pack and who knows what nasty surprise he might spring. There will be a meet-and-greet with Basti Romero a.k.a. Ardie Bascara tonight at Robinsons Galleria, 7.30 p.m.

Santuaryo Tomorrow

Tomorrow’s the big day for the boys as their movie about an island, getting lonely, copulating and falling in love gets shown in theaters for its commercial run. Santuaryo will be shown in selected cinemas, such as Robinsons Galleria, Remar, Roben, Gotesco Grand Central, Isetann Cinerama, Gotesco Commonwealth, and Cebu Ultravistarama starting tomorrow, Wednesday. Of course, the more daring boys get to show off their wares. I meant talent. In acting.


Speaking of Folded & Hung, here’s Justin Dizon in white briefs, showing us all what it takes to be an underwear model – bold, brazen and big. He’s also appearing in Climax Films‘s new movie Santuaryo, which will commence its commercial run on 17 March 2010 [Wednesday] in selected theaters. Justin may or may not show his naked self in the movie, depending on the MTRCB’s whimwham. Just the same, here’s a picture and try to imagine the shape and size of that wing dang doodle. TGIF!


Our Monday boy is wet, wet, wet Justin Dizon teasing and taunting by a lonely beach. Summer’s definitely here, along with the bikini contests for cute guys with muscles and big lumps. Of course, the movies get daring too. Like the beach scenes where the boys forego the regulation Speedos in favor of the cheap and flimsy white briefs. The wetter the better. Justin does just that in the new movie Santuaryo of Climax Films. The trailer of the movie, which will be shown on 17 March 2010, is up again here.


Cute boy Justin Royce Dizon is another one of the familiar faces [and bods and bulges] in the bikini contest circuit. He has done the rounds of the competitions – from Ginoong Filipinas to Metrobodies to Istilo Modelo. What sets him apart, though, from the rest of the boys in tiny underwear is the fact that he goes to a nice school [San Beda College in Manila] taking up a nice course [A.B. English]. At least that’s how he lists his uni profile in his resume. Of course, he’s also unique because he has a big fat something embedded somewhere in that size-under lycra.

Justin and Julian

The bulge, the bulge! So who’s it going to be? Will you choose contestant no. 18 or 19? No. 18 is Justin Royce Dizon, a very familiar face in bikini open competitions. Twenty-year-old Justin won Subic Bay’s Istilo Modelo contest a year ago. From then on, the 5’8.5″-tall cutie has participated in almost all the flesh-and-tease contests in the metro. No. 19 is Julian Binarao, a 5’10”-tall freelance model, also a regular in bikini contests. He was last seen in the Mr. Philippines International screening.