Man of the Year

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And just like that, some people in Indonesia declared our Mister Philippines, Karanjit Singhdole, the ultimate dude of the year. Which means he lords over the world as the epitome of masculinity in the race of man. As tribute to that wonderful win, here are some of my favorite photos of the guy, back when he was blazing through the bikini open circuit. Of course, my favorite is when he was candidate no. 40.

Sea man

Karan1Sooner or later I will allot my time for some post on the (im)propriety of using underwear as swimwear. Blame it on guttersnipes who think that any Bench Body pair of briefs is speedo-worthy.  And so we are tormented with not-so-beautiful people in social media who post photos of them-damned-selves in their Bench Body undies by the sea or pool. Or mucky river. Proudly. Karan2For now, I’ll just devote my visual craving for beautiful men at the beach, regardless of their preference for swimwear. Remember Karanjit Singhdole of Bodyshots past? He’s wading in the waters. In his black Bench Body underthings! With a well-built physique, a sexy mug and some promise of a bulge, of course, I don’t mind. I have double standards sometimes.



Of Indian descent. Karan Jit Singhdole is one of the contestants in this year’s Body Shots modelling competition. The 6’2″-tall graduate of BS-HRM from the STI College in Sta. Rosa, Laguna [previous Mr. STIs: Carlito Gonzales and Chevin Cecilio] has already  been  featured in the Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s 69 hottest bachelors.