Karelasyon Today

Of course, it’s a Christmas special when Dennis Trillo‘s on a show! GMA’s Karelasyon will air today and it’s something worth your afternoon while,  judging from the images alone. Here’s the PR:

The story of Salby and Maya proves that nothing should hinder true love, not even cold prison bars. Salby, while imprisoned, remains in touch with his girlfriend Maya as she often visits him in jail. Yet one day, Maya suddenly stopped seeing him.

Lonely and worried, Salby could not help but entertain various thoughts, including thinking of committing another crime so that he could momentarily be out of jail to find out what happened to Maya.

Will Salby be able to find the answers to his questions or will he be disappointed when he finds out the truth?

Written by James Harvey Estrada and directed by Adolf Alix, Jr., catch this episode of “Karelasyon” which also features Kim Domingo, Jeric Gonzales, Marx Topacio’ and Menggie Cobarubbias. Hosted by Carla Abellana, “Karelasyon” airs every Saturday after “#LIKE” on GMA-7.

Karelasyon Today

Saturday afternoon’s time for Karelasyon viewing on GMA. A number of goodlooking boys go shirtless as the topic touches on the sensitive issue of gang rape. Props go to this series for bringing to light certain causes. Of course, the eye candies are cherries on the cake.

The PR goes: This Saturday’s episode of Karelasyon (3:15PM on GMA), “Liberated” will star Solenn Heussaff with Ahron Villena, David Licauco, Arvic Tan, Rein Villarreal, JB Saliba. The story is about a woman who said she was raped by her ex-boyfriend and his teammates. His ex-boyfriend said she asked for it and it was consensual. Is she telling the truth?

Hot Relations

boys2On Fridays, I have to remind you to watch the new Karelasyon episode on GMA, where topics are risqué and the boys are, well, sexier. This weekend’s episode, as lifted from the show’s PR, features Mark Neumann, Mark McMahon and Jay Arcilla with Kris Bernal.

boys1Kris Bernal plays a newly-hired maid to these naughty boys who try to seduce Kris as they placed a bet on who will bed her first. Will they succeed with their bet or something unplanned will happen to them as a consequence? (printed as-is from the PR)

Karelasyon airs tomorrow at 2.30 p.m. after Eat Bulaga on GMA.

Good Relations


I honestly think the writers and people behind Karelasyon are perversely tickling and teasing us with their latest episode: Derrick gets to bed Baron (or the other way around, depending on who is your sexy fancy).


How can one resist those arms and sweet kisses and the smell of soap and manly secretions?


This is the PR for the show:  In this Saturday’s episode of Karelasyon, Baron plays John Lloyd, a closet case who is longing to find true love. He meets PJ (Derrick) who seems to be his ideal man. Is he or is he just playing with his feelings? Well, I don’t mind PJ playing with my feelings, if you ask me. Do you?

Karelasyon airs tomorrow a 2.30 p.m. after Eat Bulaga on GMA.

The Pool Boy


Sometimes, I would like to think, Karelasyon on GMA plays to our collective fantasies. A couple of weeks ago, it was about kept men . And then we had the sweaty basketball players. Today, the story is on a sexy pool boy and the cliched fantasy is complete!

IMG_1266Of course, it had to be Derrick Monasterio shirtless in board shorts, his athletic frame towering over the clear water. He’s diligently cleaning the pool and he’s sweaty, you can almost smell that sweet musky scent coming from his young body. But I digress.


Derrick gets to show off his acting chops yet again in today’s episode after Eat Bulaga. The story’s a May-December affair after, of course, he has cleaned the pool. I think the title of the episode is “The Day The Pool Boy Came” or something to that effect. Must watch. Really.

IMG_1277With obligatory pits shots thrown in. Nice!

Lay Down

IMG_0310Today is a good day to lie down and relax. Maybe watch a movie or even the television. While you’re at it, tune in to Karelasyon later after Eat Bulaga on GMA. The episode, which is actually pushing the envelope on risqué subjects, is all about kept men  Jeric Gonzales, Martin del Rosario and Mark McMahon. I must say, the rich gay guy has taste.

jakeyMaybe if I’m that rich person, I’ll take Martin on Mondays, Mark on Tuesdays and Jeric on weekdays, with an all out party with dem three boys on weekends. But I digress, all I’m saying is that we should all watch later. The other guy lying down is Jake Cuenca who has not actually hung up his underwear for modeling purposes. He’s the newest endorser of Guitar and I can’t giddy-wait for his next shots!

“Karelasyon” Today

Karelasyon1 Karelasyon11Today’s episode of Karelasyon is all about masked boys in underwear and doing webcam shows.  Now that I have your attention, maybe you can figure out which one is Rodjun Cruz in the photos. There’s Ken Anderson and Sebastian Castro in come-hither poses, and maybe hunky Rodjun‘s somewhere in the masked images. Better yet watch the episode to see if he’s going to be in tight boxer briefs. Karelasyon airs after Eat Bulaga in GMA.