What is the difference between, say, a model-guy from a good school and nice background but with a checkered past a.k.a. photo or video of him wanking the monkey and some out-of-the-bikini-contests guy with the same choking-the-chicken schtick? Like this guy, Kenneth Paul Salva. If I say there is a photo of him masturbating, would there be any takers? Would anyone be interested, too, as much as the model boys?


If you’re not doing anything later [18 August 2011, Thursday], head over to The Library at 1739 M. Orosa Street, Malate, Manila and see Kenneth Paul Salva [left], Mark William Yap [middle], Jake Mendoza [right] and a lot more of dem bikini boys in a show called Stripped: All Star Hunks Show by the Hotmen. Hotmen is an all-male sing-and-dance [!] group composed of sexy, daring young men [3 in photos above] plus Danniel Deramayo, Jordan Jordico and Jhon Mark Marcia. Also in the show tonight [at 10 pm] as a special guest is Johnron Tanada. For tickets, please contact Rex Belarmino at 0917.860 1962.

Audition 4

This week, the finalists of the first interactive virtual reality bikini pageant in the country will be revealed. Also, the details of the contest aptly called BIKINI TV: HOT HUNKS 2010, which is a project of this site together with Climax Films [Santuaryo, Bayaw], will be unveiled. It features ten [10] new boys in the skimpiest of dem ‘kinis! Bikini open vet Kenneth Paul Salva [in photo] auditioned for the competition. Find out soon if he made the cut.

Down South

There’s a fresh new face from bikinidom come, and he’s from Davao City. Kenneth Paul Salva is in town to try his luck in the bright lights, big city and in small ‘kinis! He’s now one of the official candidates of summer’s biggest bikini competition – the Hataw Superbodies Bikini Open . Kenneth stands 6′-tall and is a graduate of BS Information Technology from the University of Mindanao. Incidentally, a go-see for the bikini contest will be held on 20 June 2010 [Sunday] from 2-6 p.m. at the Penthouse of Future Point Plaza 1 along Panay Avenue in Quezon City. Bring swimwear and photos [face and body]. For more details call Jumpstart Productions at 491.3861 or 376.7204.