Buck: Andro Morgan

Early last year, he was known as Andrew Llanillo, an eighteen-year old upstart, doing bit roles in GMA-7’s primetime fantasy soaps. Growing impatient perhaps with his 15 minutes of instant fame, he changed name to Kerk Vincent and went on to pose for the gay rags in all his naked glory. Reverting to his original name, Andro Morgan also won Bar Uno’s Mr. Aura, a bikini contest. Soon, thereafter, he was seen in Hataw Superbodies Bikini contest this year and a stint at the T Show, where, of course, he went comfy and got buck-arse naked in publicity photos and onstage.

Sweet-Tempting: Kerk Vincent of the Valentino Boys

Kerk Vincent is one of the better-looking Valentino Boys. He is 18 years old and stands 5’9″. He has done the rounds of bikini contests and modeling stints for minor designers in town. Sorry guys, I do not have much on this guy, who, like the other Valentino boys, needs a little polishing and gymmin’ [and a barber].