Bigger, Redder

A surefire way to gain more followers on social media accounts is to post shirtless photos, underwear shots the better.  Add some visible penis lines bordering on lasciviousness, and that’s another couple of hundreds of excited likers. Kevin Redder does just that, and he has thousands in his  admirers list. Pull down dem shorts and maybe gain thousands more?

Striking new models

IMG_6430In town modeling for the top designers and fashion brands is cute male mannequin Kevin Martin Chan. Don’t ask me about the Asian surname of this blonde guy, but one thing’s for sure, he is hot on the ramp, just like when he walked with just his Bench Body underthings on.

KevDanish-Filipino teener Kevin Redder is also making a name for himself in the modeling biz in the big city.  The 6’2″-tall cutie has been making the rounds lately of the Philippine Fashion Week shows. He was born and raised in Sweden before moving back here two years ago.

Mirror, Mirror

Who’s the hottest of them all Mercator models? Well, this is the best in the backyard of one of the top agencies in town. There’s AJ Hanson lying in front.  Nat Kiefer is standing at Hideo Muraoka‘s right. The skinny model at the back is Terrence Lloyd. Seated in the middle is ex-fatso John Daryl Rose. The dark-skinned one at the back of model-of-the-moment Sam Ajdanii is Jovic Susim, part actor. Tattoed guy is newbie Rob Ricafort, behind the only guy in shorts Edward Raven. Rightmost guy is 18-year-old Kevin Redder, all of 6’2″ and a budding model. Who’s your best bet?