Tool Kit

After his long schlong made the wet rounds in the world wide web, Kit Thompson is back in Manila to pursue his interrupted local career. He’s hunkier than ever, thanks to his modeling experience in the US. Here’s hoping he updates his old video, too.

Sex Kit

Former reality show contestant and occasional actor Kit Thompson is hot, hot, hot even if he’s wearing a sack. Well, a loincloth. A tiny, gauzy loincloth would do. He should have done this when he was in Manila, upping his sexiness a lil bit up the Hunk-o-Meter. I wonder what he’s up to these days in LA?


A little tuft here and some bush there and we’re good to go. Kit Thompson is gracing this blog today with his physical prettiness and presence. Kit  has been featured here before and reveals his hirsute manliness, his body is bodacious enough to be featured again here.