The Top 10 of 2012

It has been one whirlwind of a bikini-nekkid-cocky year. As the year ends, I’m listing down the top 10 stories based on unique page views on the blog stats.  Last year, our list was ranked on the basis of comments made [The most heavily commented in 2012 is an Aljur post, followed by Paulo‘s]. Now, the roll’s determined as supported by page views [as of 30 December 2012], in italics after the post title –
1.   The Brothers Roque, 8069.  You really love cute and sexy siblings. This post on the fabulous Roque brothers garnered the most-viewed feature for the year. 
2.   Star Turn, 8057. Piolo’s nephew, Benjamin Alves, all grown up and showing off his thick mound of netherhair  to prove that point. 
3.   Martin Plus One, 7694.  ABS-CBN’s star-on-the-rise Martin del Rosario and his plus one.
4.   Breakthrough, 7253. Enzo Pineda’s debut in his small underwear for a Bench Body ad.
5.   Whistle Baby, 7135. The VPL photo of Ian Batherson at the Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash.
6.   Butt Monday, 6996.  Daniel Derramayo is representing the bikini and indie sector with his full-buttocks exposure for his new movie, The Escort.
7.   Sit!6949.  Our dick-a-day in a long, long while and boy, it came in a Kristofer King package!
8.   Point Break, 6762.  One of my first posts on puppy-dog-eyed Martin del Rosario and his huge bulge on the beach.
9.  Diegoh!, 6666.  Brazilians represent! It’s Diego Alves Furoni and his salacious photos in the shower.
10.   More Allen, 6283. Veteran bikini boy Allen Ong Molina in his sexy signature pose. 


Is the gay indie movie dead? In 2012, only a handful of movies came out of the queer mill. Gone are the days when there were two or three flicks out per week. Now, they come in trickles! The boys, though more daring and so out there, are not getting enough, uh,  exposures because of the dearth of financial investors for movies of the lustful ass-and-penis variety. Maybe it’s because of technology these days where people have all access to world cinema. Maybe there’s no new and interesting boy in the scene, in the mold of Marco Morales, Harry Chua, Arjay Carreon or Kris King [in photo]. Maybe people just got tired of the Filipino gay indie formula [you know what it is].  I am hoping that in 2013, there would be a renaissance of some sort for this kind of films.

The Year That Was: Indie Boys

Did you watch a gay indie movie this year? Although no one came close to the daring feat of one Marco Morales, a few boys stood out [and hard] from the dime-a-dozen pack. Some were coy. Others showed some balls, literally. A few went to great lengths, flashing their members. Of course, most of them showed their butts – all plump and juicy. Who was your favorite indie boy in 2011?

As Alike As Peas In A Pod

These images of Kristofer King for the promo of the movie Taksikab remind me so much of –

that guy Ido Victor, who appeared some time back in this blog. Well, anyways Ido’s disappeared from the seedy limelight already but the nekkid Mr. King is headlining the indie flick Taksikab. Judging from the promo photos, it’s one full frontal nudity romp onscreen for this guy and his co-actors. Taksikab will have its premiere at the AFP Theater in Cubao on 27 March 2011 at 7 p.m. To reserve tickets, send SMS to Paul at 0910.8485297/0923.4552586/0926.1061200. Tickets cost Php 150 each.


He’s done practically almost everything in the indie scene. Kristofer King has also shown a lot on screen. In the movies, he has boldly gone where no newbie has traveled. Moreover, his exploits beyond the movie backlots are fodder for the paid-sex mill. One thing that he has not yet done, though, is tv. His contemporary Coco Martin has crossed over to the small screen, and he has been generally accepted by regular viewers. Will he find similar success on tv, once he guests on soaps and shows? Will his reputation follow him to the general patronage sets? What do you think?


These are scenes, of course, from the the movie Showboyz shown recently. Top photo shows Kristofer King prepping his pud to penetrate Topher Baretto. Which makes me wonder – Why was there a need for King to make it hard to shoot the scene? Was there really an actual penetration in this particular schtick, reminiscent of the 80s pene movies? Lower photo, on the other hand, is not that of King’s but of some bit player, who really had to make his penis stiff and strong to pull off an act – I mean, pull some chair and a case of beer. Life is hard.

Happy Flicks

Tomorrow is a holiday in the country, so why not head over to the cinemas to watch the showing of Little Boy/Big Boy, a new gay movie that “tells the tale of a carefree soul who is suddenly confronted with the responsibility of taking care of his seven-year-old nephew.” This one stars Paolo Rivero who bottoms for Douglas Robinson. It’s a happy movie that affirms the vision of director Joselito Altarejos and screen writer Lex Bonife that the homosexual is “not just an organism for pleasure but also a catalyst for unconditional love.” The movie will be screened starting 5 August 2009 at the Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Ermita and Robinsons Bacolod theaters.

Speaking of Lex Bonife [who’s doing a bit role in this one, so I heard] and unconditional love, there’s another gay movie that is – mark your calendar again, guys – slated for showing on 12 August 2009. It’s called Showboyz and it stars the very controversial Kristofer King, shown above being flogged in the log by 90s sexy actor Toffee Calma. Showboyz, which is directed by Crisaldo Pablo, will be shown at the Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Ermita, Remar Cubao, Isetann Recto and some theaters in Cebu and Davao.

King gets a bojo

I’m taking pleasure in doing screen captures for now. What I mean is that I am a bit thrilled doing the screenshots on my laptop after learning the basic how-to about this stuff.  It’s that shocking scene from the Cannes-flick Serbis where Kristofer King actually gets a mean and wet jimmy haha from a guy. It’s that I-can’t-believe-he-actually-swallowed-that-penis shot. It’s that realistic episode where Mr. King somehow enjoys the cumsquat. Just watch the movie and I bet you’ll play this scene over and over. Hawt!

The Christophers

These are two actors who are known for their derring-do, on- and off-cam. Christopher Libunao or Cedric Javier widely known [left], burst into the scene as one of the last members of  the pioneering sexy male group Viva Hotmen.  He did a couple of direct-to-video sex flicks while he was in that group.  On the other hand, Christopher Reyes or Kristofer King popularly known, got his first showbiz act when he beat Coco Martin in an audition for the male lead of the acclaimed small film, Ang Babae Sa Breakwater.  Mr. King – who now takes on small roles in gay indie flicks – boasts of being the only contemporary actor who has walked the red carpet in Festival de Cannes twice.  Both Christophers, when they don’t have movie projects, are entrepreneurs.