Reminder! Kurap tonight!

Tonight will be the premiere night of Kurap, the movie topbilled by Sherwin Ordonez. This movie is brought to you by the Sikil tandem of director Roni Bertubin and scriptwriter Ome Avellanosa.  If you have seen Sikil, which was noted for its lyrical presentment of rural gay love, then Kurap will have to be the opposite. It is a raw and fast-paced psycho-sexual picture of inner city, er, gay love.  Plus, the occasional and gratuitous show of skin, of course. Make it a date, tonight! Sherwin and the cast will be there, too.

Rico Lazaro for Kurap

Rico Lazaro plays a deaf-mute street hustler in the upcoming movie Kurap.  He figures in some gutsy-gritty sex scenes with Jeff Luna, as the two develop a secret passion for each other while they go on with their daily chores as thieving junkie scumbags.  The naked romp of Rico and Jeff is one of the scenes to watch out for in the movie, which is slated for showing on 8 November at the UP Film Institute.  Kurap [Blink] is the latest offering from the makers of Sikil [Roni Bertubin,director and Ome Avellanosa, screenplay]. 

Sherwin is mighty proud

Sherwin Ordonez is particularly proud of his new movie Kurap because it’s his acting vehicle, so to speak [and he gets to show some skin, along the way!] plus it has done the international festival circuit of late:  10th Osian Cinefan Film Festival in New Delhi, 24th Warsaw  Film Festival,  2008 Vancouver International Film Festival,  Tokyo International Film Festival, Mostra de Valencia – Cinema del Mediterrani in Spain, and pretty soon, Cinema Asiatica Film Festival in Rome and Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia.  So better catch the movie soon – on Nov. 8 to be exact for its preem at the UP Film Institute, uncut – before the film ships out to the festivals again. 

Christian Burke sizzles in Kurap

Eighteen-year-old Filipino-German Christian Burke is one of the reasons why the new movie Kurap is a must-see on November 8 at the UP Film Institute.  The mestizo looker, who has appeared in GMA 7’s fantasy series Kamandag, plays a key role in this gritty psychological movie about small-time criminals in old Manila. After the November 8 preem, the movie will have its regular showing on November 12 at Robinsons Mall theaters.

Sherwin O!

Mainly because he is having a new movie, entitled Kurap [Blink], Sherwin Ordonez is doing the nekkid-guy-in-bed thing, to promote the indie flick about a small-time crook in inner city Manila who falls for a cunning journalist, as their lives spin, spiral towards a tragic ending in a romantically ruthless setting, dark and foreboding, oh, you have to see and feel the movie just so you will know what I’m saying, aside of course, from the visual treat of the boys – nasty, immodest and good-looking all – Dexter Castro, Jeff Luna, Rico Lazaro and this German-Filipino mestizo Christian Burke, plus Mr. Ordonez, who is such a revelation in his first movie outing [and lead role!] and I’m raving and ranting because I’m doubly excited about Mr. Ordonez taking on a serious role, as this movie will be shown uncut at the UP Film Institute on Saturday, November 8 with all the cast and crew in attendance, so I will see you there, too.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll take a vacation now and won’t be back till Monday. 

Jeff Luna in Kurap

The name of Jeff Luna‘s character in the new movie Kurap is Ratbu and I’m wondering why. Although Jeff Luna is playing support to Sherwin Ordonez in the new indie film by director Roni Bertubin, he gets to showcase his, uh, thespic skills and prowess [and, of course, more, to stress the point].  Kurap’ s blurb goes – In the blink of an eye, moral degradation, sexual awakening, deceit and deception will be exposed.  Corruption and greed will lead them to destruction.  Will their good intentions justify their tragic ends?  The movie will have its preem next week on November 8 [Saturday] at the UP Film Institute. See you all there with the cast!

Sherwin bares, blinks.

Erstwhile teen actor Sherwin Ordonez graduates from cutesy stuff into mature roles.  That would have to be one of the selling points for his new movie entitled Kurap [Blink] from the makers of Sikil [Roni Bertubin,director and Ome Avellanosa, screenplay]. It’s about time, as Sherwin – who does theater and dancing so well, prepares to show his acting skills. And more [more = the obligatory nude scene of Sherwin Ordonez]! Mark your dates guys, November 8 at the UP Film Institute and November 12 at regular theaters nationwide.

Sherwin Ordonez for Kurap

Late post. I just finished my 10-mile run at the One La Salle Run with lots of eye candy. Never have I seen so many cute guys in one run. Ok, I’m digressing from my post today. Erstwhile teen idol Sherwin Ordonez is coming out in his first movie [!] and first mature role on screen in the independent movie, Kurap. From the Sikil tandem of director Roni Bertubin and screenwriter Romualdo Avellanosa, Kurap is the story of small-time crooks in innercity Manila and how their lives tragically spiral in a day. The movie will have its world premiere in the Asian and Arab competition section of the 10th Osian’s Film Festival in New Delhi from July 12 to 20. And by the way, shirtless picture first of Sherwin, who did daring scenes in the movie. More revealing photos of cute Sherwin once the movie gets scheduled for showing in Manila.

Jeff Luna in new movie Kurap

Twenty-five year-old Jeff Luna, the Sampaloc boy who freelances as a model, is in the movie Kurap directed by Sikil‘s Roni Bertubin.  Kurap, the daring movie debut of erstwhile teen idol Sherwin Ordonez [more on Sherwin in the coming posts] will be in competition at the Osian’s Cinefan Film Festival in New Delhi, India next week.  Jeff gets to bare enough skin in the indie film, which is yet to be shown in Manila theaters.

Can’t get enough of Dexter Castro!

It’s Dexter Castro again, cute and sexy in his gossamer bikini! The 5’8″-tall part-time commercial model is now an actor, as one of the leads in Kurap, a new movie by the Sikil movie tandem of Roni Bertubin [director] and Ome Avellanosa [writer]. Dexter was last seen in the provocative video Erotika: M2M 2 [The Art of Striptease and Sensual Dancing]. As the promo for the video goes: Striptease, lap dancing and pole dancing – viewers can learn it all just by watching the video!