At the annual sleazefest of male models called Cosmopolitan [Phils] Bachelor Bash five years ago, top male models were seen primping on stage during the finale. There’s the omnipresent  and stage director’s favorite Mark Manicad,  Mark Onir partially hidden by Luke Jickain, John Lopez looking very happy with Adrian Racho, with Ian Porlayagan behind him and Lance Howard. It was one happy bunch. Oh, wait, isn’t that JC Tiuseco in grandpa briefs? 

Lance in Summer

Huge male model Lance Howard is our hump day boy! In this time when the Brazilians are littering the local modeling space – in go-sees, TVCs, runways and even bit roles on TV, Lance is leveling the field with his looks, charm and physique. He can easily compete with them Brasileiros who are also tall and attractive. Lance has, so far, landed big-time projects for Bench, Folded & Hung and the Philippine Fashion Week series.

Re-posting Lance

I’m re-posting some photos upon the request of a good friend who’s having a fixation on this guy lately. Three years ago, male model Lance Howard was one of the better-looking contestants, actually a motley group of boys in funny tiny bikinis competing for the title Ginoong Pilipinas 2007. The 6’1″-tall mestizo represented Quezon City in the national competition, where he lost to the then Ateneo law student Dennis Barrion. Lance is now one of the top male models in his batch, regularly seen in TVCs and in the runways for top designers and brands.

Big League: Lance Howard

Philippine Fashion Week started a few days ago at the SMX Convention Center and SM Mall of Asia to showcase the top designers’ Holiday Collections.  Of course, it will be one big show where models get to strut some sexy stuff. Say, for example, last season, male model Lance Howard was wearing this. Lance Howard is a 6’1″-tall model from Quezon City who made the fine transition from a frowzy contestant in Ginoong Pilipinas 2007 to an in-demand model for top fashion designers.

Mr. Big: Lance Howard

Lance Howard is really going forward!  He first appeared as a contestant in the 2007 Ginoong Pilipinas contest [won by Dennis Barrion], where he represented Quezon City.  The 6’1″-tall mestizo was a standout in the contest that put too much emphasis on the scanty swimwear – all because he was bursting in his britches throughout the flesh fest!  Just the same, Lance got discovered by talent agents and went on to model for prints ads and the runways.  

Lance Howard lunges forward

When I was younger, I used to stare at the glossy calendars with half-naked women [usually in tacky shiny swimsuit] posing beside sparkling sports cars.  The attention to those women wasn’t so much in the prurient state but more on the silly imagination of replacing those images with men in undersized underwear [tacky and shiny, too].   Now, with immense technology, i can do just that. For example, here’s Lance Howard, a 6’1″-tall male model who’s getting visible again in the runway modeling circuit after some hiatus [He joined Ginoong Pilipinas 2007 –  the one won by Dennis Barrion].

Huge Potential: Lance Howard

At last year’s Ginoong Pilipinas pageant, one mestizo stood out from the pack. Lance Howard, a 6’1″-tall hunk who represented Quezon City at the finals night, was one of the crowd favorites. During the pageant’s talent contest, he did a mean Harlem Shake [a dance which involves shimmies (shoulder shakes), pops (leg spasms) and ticks (robotic starts and stops)], totally different from the usual declamation and tribal-in-underwear-of-course dance by most candidates. Lance Howard landed in runner-up position at the finals. He has since gone off to Singapore for greener modeling pastures.