Before the Brazilians and the fly-in models lorded it over the local runways, the male models that we had were these ones. The kind you would sometimes see in the inner city street corners, drinking high-proof distilled spirits with their shirts off. Well, they have nice bods and cute faces, too. From left: Jovic Susim, Bjorn Aguilar, Laxie Villar, Don Mendoza, Kerbie Zamora and Lem Pelayo


Look what I found! Vintage Lem Pelayo six years ago at the Bench Body underwear show. Back then he was an upstart, trying to make it in the scene. From a total unknown in modeling, he’s now making inroads in show biz, the latest of which is a lead part in ABS-CBN’s afternoon series, Pintada.

May Day!

On the occasion of May Day festival [or Labor Day in the country], I bring you not one, or two but ten freakin’, sexy, shirtless boys m-e-s-s-i-n-g by the pool! Let’s see… from left, we have Ben Sapida [a.k.a. Benjamin Alves], Kerbie Zamora, Bjorn Aguilar, Ervic Vijandre, Lemuelle Pelayo, Jovic Susim, Geron Lontoc, Benj Bolivar, Alizon Andres and JC Tiuseco. Who’s your best bet?


Can someone translate this one out, taken from some Brazilian news site? I can make out our favorite model‘s name though and words like complain and jealousy. –

Saiba quem são os modelos brasileiros que causam onda de ciúmes nas Filipinas

E a tensão entre os dois grupos vem crescendo nos últimos dias, que antecedem
o lançamento da comédia filipina “D’Survivors”. O filme é co-protagonizado
por Daniel Matsunaga e Fabio Ide, ambos brasileiros descendentes de orientais.
Os dois são alguns dos nossos compatriotas que vêm se destacando no mundo
fashion do país.

Uma das reclamações contra Daniel, Fabio e sua turma vieram do filipino Lemuelle Pelayo,
modelo-que-virou-ator. Ele é o grande astro de “D’Survivors” e acredita que a presença
brasileira diminui as chances de modelos locais deslancharem. O mal estar é tanto que a
Associação de Modelos Profissionais das Filipinas criou em 2009 uma campanha para
combater o que o pessoal chama de “Calor brasileiro”. O intuito da iniciativa era o de
“fortalecer o look filipino e mostrar que a indústria fashion local é forte e competitiva”.

Do outro lado da contenda, Fabio Ide refuta as acusações. “Não é justo dizer: ‘Oh,
modelos brasileiros estão roubando nossos trabalhos. Isso não é competição. Todos
estão tentando trabalhar duro e ganhar dinheiro.”


Oh hi there, Lemmy! So I heard you’re in this afternoon show on GMA-7. I would have jumped for joy on this occasion – you getting into showbiz and acting and stuff. But I found out you’re in that show called Daisy Siete presents Bebe and Me. Now how could you possibly go wrong with that title as your platform to jump start a career in tinseltown? I’m telling you [and I’m pretty sure most, if not everyone, would concur]: everything is wrong, dear Lemuelle. No lead actor has gone insanely popular by acting with the skanks in that show. So, while you still have a fighting chance, fire your manager, get a good agent and of course, renege on your contract and skip Daisy Siete like it’s the Great Scourge. Oh wait, my other favorites Mike Tan and Edouard George are also there? Darn.

Back Stage

Bad boys, bad boys, watcha gonna do when they come for you? I love naughty boys back stage before a show or a contest. They are free to let it all hang out. Sort of like releasing some tension. Relaxing some nerves. Let’s see.. upper photo during the Bench Blackout show, from left, some guy who looks familiar but I do not know his name yet, nervous Jiro, charming Edouard and steady Rye. Lower photo, on the other hand was taken at the Mossimo Bikini Summit finals night. From left, impish Andre, pensive Dex, puckish Lem, and edgy Geron. So there! Happy Monday everyone!

Wendell Still Hot

Bench Body model and actor Wendell Ramos [right] returns to prime time as a leading man via the soap Kaya Kong Abutin ang Langit of GMA-7’s Sine Novela series. It’s a re-working of the 80s movie of the same title, about a woman who aims for the sky and loses everything in the process. Wendell Ramos plays the male lead, a rich party boy who eventually goes broke and turns to modeling and, uh, prostitution. Photo above is one of the scenes from the series where he does Bench shorts in a fashion show with young model Lem Pelayo.

Oi, Lemuelle!

Oi! Model boy! So, you are now on tv eh? Good for you. I know it has always been your dream to be on the telly – famous and all. After all, you are cute and tall and a male model with confidence. So what’s this tv series you are doing again? Kaya Kong Abutin ang Langit. A re-doing of the 1980s movie about a social climbing woman. I heard the male lead’s a society boy-turned-destitute-guy, who resorts to escort services. That’s Wendell Ramos. And I’m guessing this is the scene where you guys do some ramp modeling as a front for the escort services. Nice one! Good luck in your career, Lemuelle. I mean it.

Psst, Lemuelle!

Psst, Lemuelle! Is that you on stage? Wet and wild in tighty whities, huh? This was last year at the Cosmopolitan [Phils] bachelors bash, right? I bet you had a grand time with the boys. I meant, you had fun with your friends in the modeling world. But I didn’t notice you last night at the Cosmo bash. Were you there again with the boys in their jockeys? And also, you were not included this year in the magazine’s list although your contemporaries were there. Pretty understandable, though, as you made it to the selection last year. Well, anyways, good luck in your career. You were just missed in Cosmo’s event. P.S. The guy behind you is cute. Do you know him?