I got this from the mail and though there’s nothing serious or naked in these shots, it would be gay travesty not to share. Piolo Pascual and Luis Manzano are in a playful mood, it would be enough to make the girls and girls alike swoon, with a few stirring in their loins.

miko1 miko2


And then again, maybe the boys can be as naughty and indecent as this one on cam.

Bum Spot

And we’re back on regular programming, er, posting! Blogger, which hosts this site, went on a read-only mode yesterday. That explains the lack of posts yesterday. Anyhow, we’re back and here’s Luis Manzano and his juicy buttocks. These scaps were taken from the 2011 movie Who’s That Girl.

Tom and Luis

It’s Screencaps Friday and on the menu — Tom Rodriguez [left] and Luis Manzano. This is the outdoor shower scene in the comedy Petrang Kabayo, and the boys are wet, cute and daring in their underwear. Tom Rodriguez has been getting plum sexy roles lately – he’s recently cast as one of the male leads in the movie Temptation Island, together with Aljur and Paulo. On the other hand, Luis Manzano is busy playing lead in romance-comedy flicks, in addition to hosting duties in his home studio.

Luis’s Movie

Have you seen his latest movie, In My Life with his real-life mother? Although the reviews were mixed, Luis Manzano‘s acting was praised. He was reportedly a revelation in a gay role. Too, he gets to shine in shirtless sweaty glory in a scene where he plays frisbee with Rafael Rosell at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center [disguised as a NYC park]. I’m thinking of watching it this weekend.

Luis Manzano is on a roll

VJ-model-host-actor Luis Manzano is hopeful in the new year.  He will soon fly to New York City to shoot his scenes for Star Cinema’s movie with a gay twist, the creatively-titled A Mother’s Story. He says he’s pretty much excited about this “most challenging” movie in his entertainment career, not because of the kissing scenes with his male co-star but because he’ll be working for the first time with his mother.  Great!

Shirtless Friday: Diether, Luis and Dennis!

The supposed showbiz scoop for the week was that thirty-two-year-old Diether Ocampo, one of the original ABS-CBN talents, has reportedly inked a four-year contract with rival station GMA 7.  While this has been reported as fact already in major dailies and tabloids, Mr. Ocampo has not yet issued a formal statement. His agency, Star Magic has stated that he still remains a talent, while GMA 7 has also hinted that indeed the charming actor has signed on for the network.  Diether Ocampo deserves to succeed wherever he goes, if you ask me.

On the other hand, Luis Manzano, who accepted recently the gay role in Star Cinema’s A Mother’s Story, is happy with his acting career in ABS-CBN. He’s in the fantasy series Dyosa, plus he’s doing the hero-series Flash Bomba [again, I’m not making this up, and I hope Luis will flash and do bomba] and another still-unnamed show.  Next year, he revealed that he’ll be flying to New York for the shoot of his movie, which reportedly has a kissing scene with his co-actor.

And, as for Dennis Trillo in the GMA 7 backlot, the 27-year-old actor is overjoyed since his prime time series Gagambino is posting record highs in the teevee ratings.  A few months back, many thought that his showbiz career won’t recover anymore due to the negative publicity that shook and stirred his rise to fame.  Now, his series is a big success and he’s getting a lot of acting breaks lately. He says that he has learned his lessons very well and that he’s off from love and sex in favor of his career.  Happy Friday!

Luis Manzano accepts gay role

The title is not really earth-shattering as the fact that local clothing brand Human has a line of underwear [see photo above], TV host, VJ and actor Luis Manzano has finally agreed to take on a gay role in a major movie with his popular mother.  This effectively dispels rumors that the 27-year-old actor is quite queasy on the matter of homosexual themes because of long-standing rumors associating him with his best friend in the biz, a diminutive actor-dancer.  For whatever it’s worth – and while the kissing-and-making-love-with-another-guy scenes are “being ironed out,” here’s hoping that Mr. Manzano will finally get his acting due in this movie part.

Luis, stop already. They have cast the role.

Let’s see, why did the movie Spiderman 3 remind me strenuously of Luis “Lucky” Manzano, the 26-year old actor with the convent-girl articulation. I am absolutely certain it isn’t Tobey Maguire, no freakin’ resemblance there, although I see some abs and cuts in all the proper places. I’m guessing it must be Green Goblin or some villain called Hobgoblin. I’m just guessing guys.