Sons of a preacher man

As the song goes, the only ones who could ever reach me were the sons of a preacher man. In this post, brothers Martin and Luke Jickain reached me quite well with these latest baring photos. Martin’s down in Boracay with his family and business and abs, while Luke shot recently for the Bench anniversary as one of the original models of the then-fledgling underwear line. Time flies, beauty’s retained.



Now this is tough: If you were to choose between Luke Jickain and Vin Abrenica, who would it be and why? Older or younger? The mestizo one, or the moreno guy? Large pink areolae or small dark nips?
How about between James Zablan and Sam Ajdanii? Hard model bodies with interesting faces. One’s in the industry for long already – say, ten years or more, and he’s still getting good projects on the runways. The other’s fairly new and sought-after.  Take your pick.

Grainy Pics

Grainy pics. Old pics Sunday. At the biennial Bench underwear show in 2006 dubbed as Bench Fever, the models came out hot and ready for the fleshfest. 

 A then-unknown model by the name of Jon Mullally appeared on stage in tiny jocks. 
He went on to become a Bench underwear model favorite.

 Bit player Marco Alcaraz also showed his fine moreno form.

 Veteran model Luke Jickain could hardly contain his excitement and hard-on.

 Model Robby Mananquil was game, pre-rhinolasty.

Promising model Iago Raterta made his last appearance before becoming an illegal alien in the US.

And, of course, the cream of the crop then – a butt-nekkid Andrew Wolff!

Misibis Bay Hunkarama

Tonight is the start of absfest evenings on TV5 as the prime time “sexy revenge drama series Misibis Bay set in the luxury island playground of the same name” premieres! The stars are sexy, delish boys with washboard abs.

Daniel Matsunaga plays the eldest brother, Andrew Cadiz. 
He is the most focused and business-minded among the three brothers.

Victor Silayan is the second son, Bernard Cadiz. 
He is “a roguish playboy,” who loves to party and have fun.  
He is at odds with his brothers.

Vin Abrenica is the youngest son, Charlie Cadiz. 
He is kind and mild-mannered. 
Luke Jickain plays Tommy, a hunky lifeguard


At the annual sleazefest of male models called Cosmopolitan [Phils] Bachelor Bash five years ago, top male models were seen primping on stage during the finale. There’s the omnipresent  and stage director’s favorite Mark Manicad,  Mark Onir partially hidden by Luke Jickain, John Lopez looking very happy with Adrian Racho, with Ian Porlayagan behind him and Lance Howard. It was one happy bunch. Oh, wait, isn’t that JC Tiuseco in grandpa briefs?