Summer Dads

Sometimes, men of a certain age trump boys with raging hormones. The “sometimes” came in the fine form of Wendell Ramos, who went to the beach and well, showed off his fab form.

His good friend, Antonio Aquitania also gave off that DILF vibe.

Surfer and businessman Luke Landrigan is always clothes-challenged.

Do you remember Paolo Paraiso, who’s mooning us now?

Marx and Luke

Cute and sexy models and athletes, but each one’s totally different from the other. Marx Topacio [left] is a baller while Luke Landrigan is a surfer. Marx is skin head while Luke has wavy hair. While Marx has made modeling his bread-and-butter for now, Luke is a full-time surfer and instructor at a surf school in La Union when modeling offers are not in the way. Both are hot of course. So, who do you like best?

Sexy Surfer

Twenty-six-year-old Filipino-Australian Luke Landrigan is arguably the poster boy of Philippine surfing. He has won competitions here and abroad, to name them would take up most of the space here. On slow days, you can find him in his surfing school, The Billabong Surf School in San Juan, La Union. You can easily spot the place where he stays because he has a huge Billabong billboard in the highway leading to the surf camp. Now that summer’s here, it gets pretty busy up North where Luke teaches beginners and surfer wannabees.