The Paolos are busy

Hunky actor Paolo Rivero is heading the new movie of Viva Digital entitled Little Boy/Big Boy, from the Parola and Antonio tandem of Lex Bonife and Joselito Altarejos.  Lex says it is a happy and feel-good gay movie this time.  Paolo will have Douglas Robinson as his lover in the movie, and I think there’s the regulation frontal nudity scene [courtesy of Mr. Robinson].  The movie’s tentatively set for a June premiere.

On the other hand, another hunky actor, Paolo Serrano is one of the lead actors in Heavenly Touch, which has enjoyed some space here in this site for quite some time.  The movie’s all about male masseurs and how they go about their business.  It’s a serious movie from the makers of the hit Walang Kawala, and this one’s being directed again by Joel Lamangan. The premiere of the movie will be announced soon. 

John Miller Unwinds

Filipino-Australian John Miller is one of the guys in this site with the most number of images and posts. That is because this 5’8″-tall cutie never fails to tease and thrill with everything that he does – from his Provoq days to Lips Bar nights and now in the M2M4 video, where he gets to have steamy scenes with Cedric Javier. The thing is, although John Miller has stripped more than a hundred times – whether on a shoddy stage in San Juan or on a tony platform in NBC Tent – he has never gone full frontal, all the way. Maybe he’s reserving such for private purposes?

The Christophers

These are two actors who are known for their derring-do, on- and off-cam. Christopher Libunao or Cedric Javier widely known [left], burst into the scene as one of the last members of  the pioneering sexy male group Viva Hotmen.  He did a couple of direct-to-video sex flicks while he was in that group.  On the other hand, Christopher Reyes or Kristofer King popularly known, got his first showbiz act when he beat Coco Martin in an audition for the male lead of the acclaimed small film, Ang Babae Sa Breakwater.  Mr. King – who now takes on small roles in gay indie flicks – boasts of being the only contemporary actor who has walked the red carpet in Festival de Cannes twice.  Both Christophers, when they don’t have movie projects, are entrepreneurs. 

Paolo Rivero Redux

These are the other promo photos of actor Paolo Rivero for the M2M4 EXXXXTREME [The Ultimate Guide to Sensational Sex].  While he may be a wee bit older than his fellow actors in the straight-to-video gay flick, Paolo Rivero still has the body and the appeal to headline the movie.  Reportedly, he has a full frontal scene in M2M4.   

Joseff Young-Looking

Seff Posadas a.k.a. Joseff Young is already 25 years old and yet he looks like he’s still in his teens. The 5′-7″-tall cutie hails from Calamba City in Laguna province, and he’s a part-time actor in-between classes at the AMA University. In M2M4 EXXXXTREME, the new gay vid about spectacular sex, he gets to be paired with Kris King and reportedly there are some scenes where he gets to lick some sensitive body parts. Seff Posadas is no stranger to gay flicks, as he was cast before in M2M2: The Art of Striptease and Sensual Dancing and Showboyz.

Paolo Rivero still at it!

Juan Paolo Rivero was discovered by a talent agent while he was a front desk clerk at the Bataan Hilltop Hotel way back in 1999. Back then he was trying to make a living in the hotel although he graduated with a Medical Technology degree from the Far Eastern University in Manila. When Paolo Rivero entered showbiz, he was immediately cast as one of the male leads in the controversial movie Live Show. He did supporting roles thereater until he slipped away from the bright lights to work for a call center. Now, he’s doing gay-themed movies , e.g. Daybreak, M2M Versus and M2M4 EXXXXTREME . It looks like Paolo Rivero is here to stay for a while.

More M2M4

Here are more promotional photos from the new straight-to-video flick M2M4 EXXXXTREME (The Ultimate Guide to Sensational Sex). Obviously it is supposed to be a manual about explosive gay sex, hinting at some new technique or skill or style in fornication of the same persuasion. And then again it would be quite enough to see Kristofer King [in photo] slip out of his clothes and cavort in naked abandon with Seff Posadas [billed here as Joseff Young]. The video – in DVD and VCD formats – are available in major record stores [SM would be carrying this].

M2M4 now out!

One of the most important movies of Philippine cinema, M2M4 EXXXXTREME (The Ultimate Guide to Sensational Sex) is now out in your favorite video stores (DVD/VCD formats). It stars Paolo Rivero, John Miller (of Men of Provoq), Cedric Javier (of Viva Hotmen), Joseff Young a.k.a. Seff Posadas (of Showboyz) and Kristofer King . Judging from the promo pictures, I think we’re in for some treat from the boys. Those who have seen the video can post their reviews here.