Famous Luis


luis-88Suddenly, Luis Hontiveros is famous. It could be the cutesy boyish looks. Or that infamous wank vid. Maybe that connection to national politics. One thing is for sure, though. He is on his way to the top – from his skimpy beginnings in a gay bar bikini contest, and he  has come a long way. Pun intended and well-deserved!

Don Candid

donIf this is Don McGyver Cochico‘s I-just-woke-up-from-last-night’s-contest look, count me in as a fan. Well, I’ve always been a fan of this police guy! Another feature within the week, eh? He didn’t win last night’s Manhunt International title, but Don’s demeanor, charm and resilience is always admirable.

Misters International

misterguysHah! Here’s further proof that much of the world’s beauty and hotness is being born and bred in this side of the pond! Mister Hairy Legs here are Miguel Mari Guia and CJ Querol, winners of the recently concluded Mister Philippines contest. Miguel is Mister International-Phils while CJ is Manhunt International.


donmcAnd he’s off! Police officer Don Mcgyver Cochico is now abroad to compete in the Manhunt International contest, which is a big deal for pageant-crazy Philippines. Of course, whether he wins or not, he’ll always be the number one hottie police officer in our books. Next to Neil. And maybe Dick.

A Replicating Musk

dscf1837Crowdsourcing is good. Sometimes I get all these gratuitous images in the mail, and they’re too good not to share with you, however mean and nasty you can be with all your fussy, finicky comments. This weekend’s post is all about anonymous guy in the shower, cocked and ready for the big, wet one. You are most welcome!

Patrick’s Position

patrickToday’s post, bikini open contestant Patrick San Miguel is another request, made by more than one person. Should I have known him? Apparently, I’ve featured him a while back, and he’s quite sexy in this exclusive picture that I have in storage. Sometimes, some variety is all we need in this wayward site.

James + Body

Reid2Have you seen James Reid‘s latest TVC for Century Tuna? Dubbed as #bodyofthecentury, I couldn’t agree more! The 23-year-old actor is on top of his game, looking better and fitter than ever. Who doesn’t love James? He’s such a sweetheart, if you ask me. He’s so charming and cute. When he takes his shirt off and drops his pants, he goes into sexy mode. If you want your boys adorable and lean and mean, then James fits the [libido] bill.

Mark mOf course, James wouldn’t go full monty for the TVC, silly! That job belonged to a cute (and lucky) newbie from the other side of the sexy tracks a.k.a. the Bikinidom, who goes by the name of Mark Miguel. The 411’s not out yet, except that the youngin’s putting himself out in bikini contests of late.

markJames Reid’s stand-in sure looks promising to me!


GwapulisI have been hiding under a gay rock lately and I haven’t even heard about this morning contest called “Gwapulis.” Thanks to a caring and well-disposed reader who requested for last week’s winner Richard Pangilinan, this contest will now come to light first order of the day. Now, where do these other handsome police officers come from?

Our Harry

Harry copy

You also remember one-named bikini wonder Harry, right? The new boy’s making giant leaps and bounds in bikinitown! You saw his mug [and sexy bod with bulge] here first, in some post earlier this year. Bring on the jockstrap, next!


male 1 male 2 male 3 male 6 male 7 male 8 male 10 male 11 male 12 male 13 male 14 male 15 mmale17male 16 mmale 5 mmale 9male 4

Hail, hail the boys are here! It’s not slim pickings after all this side of town! Rain or shine, the biggest bikini open contest – Hataw Superbodies is pushing through. Today, I will make it a bit hard for you. Who’s your best bet to win the top prize? 1 Justin Zamora (Antipolo), 2 Calvin Dantes (Laguna), 3 Archie Guevarra (Pampanga), 4 Rhedz Turner (Pampanga), 5 Clark Dantes (Laguna), 6 Lorenzo Tanedo (Sta. Mesa), 7 Daniel Espinosa(Makati), 8 Yael Del Rosario (Manila). 9 Jasper Gomez (Antipolo), 10 Max Mehrafsha (Manila), 11 Aljun Bernabe (Pasig), 12 John Dave Sales (Antipolo), 13 John Glenn Seridon (Cagayan), 14 Amir Reyes (Laguna), 15 James Pinca (Novaliches), 16 Jhet Ocampo (Cavite), 17 Carlo Navarro (Pampanga).

The contest will be held on July 30 at the Music Hall in Metrowalk, Pasig City. For ticket inquiries please call 0905.3595091.

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