The Masked Man

Jayvee copyIt’s hard not to get a little hot and bothered upon seeing the naked likeness of masked man for throwback Thursday. You may or may not recognize him from that naughty grin, but that shwantz is turning things warm and toasty this day!

Candy Cutie


It’s the rainy days, and it has been slim pickings of late in the Boys-in-Speedos Department. Until we see these boys posing in their salacious best, I’ll have to use stock photos for now. Speaking of salacious, Albert Gonzales is our featured guy. He’s in fairly (and relatively) decent bikinis today, in a pink background. How cute is that?


JM10237And for your dose of sleaze, our favorite indie boy of gay films of yore, JM Martinez. He’s still cute and daring, but more on the buff and ripped side. JM’s not that visible lately in showbiz flesh flicks, but I’m pretty sure he’ll be bolder if the independently-produced movies with queer themes will be the fad again.

Then and Now


In the olden days of gay abandon, the boys were more daring and bold. These days, the usual cock-teasing is a skimpy bikini, whole or half-worn.  It is a few days before the work week ends, and a little (or huge) dick shot might just lift up your weary workaholic bones.

Burping the worm

JhonmarkThis will be the last post of screen caps of wank videos! Well, for the week. Or else this site will be forever labeled as vulgar and crude. But we haven’t cared a wee bit, have we? It’s all about diversity from the high-end models to high-end escort boys. Of course, we don’t forget the racy bikini boys, who make things happen (i.e. contests in small bars) on weekends.  Today’s screencaps is brought to you by . . . oh, you know him already.

Monday sucks!


So here’s a pick-me-upper: our favorite indie queer movie boy doing what he does best. He’s putting on a show and it’s hot, hot, hot! There’s a video and I wish I can post the lengthy 28-minutes (gasp!) suck-and-shlick show. In the meantime, here are some select scenes. I’m pretty sure you can visualize how it goes. Happy Monday everyone!

The red bikini


Dave Franco is one of the favorite barely-legal objects of visual adoration in this site. We’ve always advocated diversity in our posts – from models and wannabes down to the boys of the bikini joints. Nineteen-year-old Dave teeters between these classes, most of the time in his tiny ‘kinis and thongs. He’s a nice chap and just plain hot!


alexander king 1This is the stylized version of male model’s nude shot. It’s erotic and sensual. It defies the boundaries between fine art and sleaze photography.  Frankly, I like it. Of course, the penis shot is one of the reasons for such liking. alexander king 4At the end of the day, when male model goes home somewhere in the inner city favelas of Manila, the stark and hard reality hits, uh, home. Raw and unrefined. It defines the model in the confines of his dwelling, pure visual pleasure just the same. Which photo do you prefer?

Double team

Xavier and HarryInto our mundane life, some sleaze must fall. Today’s menu consists of two boys from the other side of the sexy tracks. Doesn’t matter, actually. They have flat stomachs! The one on the left is Xavier Manahan, who had his fair share of posts in this site with Lips Bar labels. Heck, he even wore one of those flimsy pieces of underwear! The one on the right is upstart one-named Harry who is equally sexy, but a wee bit younger. Who’s your choice?

Peep show

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