Bryan Soriano Racy

Twenty-year-old Bryan Soriano was one of the more prominent contestants in the Ginoong Pilipinas 2009 pageant. However, he did not bring home the top prize. ¬†Prior to qualifying in the finals, he was a runner-up at the Ginoong Metro Manila 2009 contest. Just a bit more working out and he’s good to go, i.e. win some of the bikini contests in town. ¬†

Kevin Roi Rockin’!

The reason I might watch the Ginoong Pilipinas events this year is because of 18-year-old Kevin Roi Reyes, that kid with the puppy eyes and fine bod. He looks fresh, he’s cute and sexy, too. Plus, he is excellent at beatboxing – that vocal percussion using one’s mouth to create rap or techno-like sound [Is he beatboxing tonight wearing only his size-under briefs at the Music Avenue in Sampaloc, Manila for the Talent Competition?]. This fine young man came from the Claret School of Quezon City, where he was quite a popular campus figure.

Clint Narciza Ripped

Lean and toned Clint Narciza is our boy this Sunday. If he looks familiar, you might have seen this 5’9″-tall guy in the controversial [and scandalous] all out bikini shows in Metro Bar held a year ago. Too, he’s a regular in bikini competitions around the metro. So, if you like your boys bony but sexy [read: low body fat], then Clint Nasciza would be the guy for you. Happy Sunday!

Take Your Pick!

These are the sixteen [16] official contestants of the Super Bodies Bikini Open Year 4. If you look closely there are some diamonds in the rough out there – fine bods, nice skin and beautiful faces. To root for your choice, you may want to stamp the date on your calendar – 25 April 2009 [Saturday] at the Techno Wave Bar in Il Terrazo along Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City. If you ask me, I’m going for the taller guys, e.g. Gamac, AJ, Clark and Ernest.

Rei Hernandez sizzles

Here’s another student of, yes, the esteemed Far Eastern University – Reinard Hernandez. Twenty-year-old Rei is the current title holder of the Mr. Sexy Body 2009 prize. His win in the first bikini contest that ushered in the summer season paved the way for more runway projects [and contests] for this hunky chinito.

Bold: Ernest de Lumban

Here’s one boy with a lot of promise. Eighteen-year-old Ernest de Lumban is tall and daring in his speedos. This photo was taken at the screening for Super Bodies Bikini Open Year 4 at the National Press Club Headquarters in Manila. Ernest was readily taken in as one of the official candidates for the said contest. The 6′-tall Ernest is one of the heavy favorites in the competition.

Jolas Paguia Sexy

Here’s nineteen-year-old Jolas Paguia, the newest member of Cappuccinos. He looks a bit familiar because he joined the second teen edition of the local Big Brother on ABS-CBN. He’s a varsity player [I’m guessing hoops] at the Far Eastern University. The 6’4″-tall hunky teen is a native of Guiguinto, Bulacan. Of course, he’s going sexy this time he’s now a member of the boy group!

Gamac is Back!

If you like Gamac Mendoza, then you should watch the grand finals of Super Bodies Bikini Open Year 4 on 25 April 2009 at the Techno Wave Bar, Il Terrazo along Tomas Morato Ave. in Quezon City. The 23-year-old part-time model, who is beginning to make his presence felt in bikini competitions in the metro, is one of the favorite candidates in Super Bodies. Gamac hopes to win a title this time, as he’s been relegated lately to first runner-up finishes in the past contests that he joined.

Adorable: Mark Daniel Alarcon

So, there’s this contest called Ginoong San Juan 2009 and it’s another reason to see young and cute boys in swim wear [and briefs], natch! And guess where it was held. Ate Chin Chin Bar or the bar formerly known as Lips! Of course, if it’s in Lips, it would have to be raunchy and fleshly and rousing. The winner of this contest, which is a preliminary to the national Ginoong Pilipinas in May, was Mark Daniel Alarcon. At 19 years old, Mark Daniel is already starting to get noticed in the male personality pageants.

Toned: Jeff Prudente

He’s perfect for this summer’s competitions – amazing body, exotic looks and solid confidence. Just see how Jeff Prudente wears that tiny bikini! This 5’8″-tall part-time model and occasional pageant contestant simply looks good in skimpy speedos. Jeff reportedly joined the Hari ng Negros pageant last year under a different name. As summer heats up and the body competitions are staged, expect Jeff Prudente to come out blazing in those impossible-to-wear underthings.
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