Sexy Tony

tony vanOkay, I get it folks. You don’t like the kid posted below. Give it time. Who knows? In the meantime, to appease your seeming displeasure, I would like to introduce to you Anthony van Dierendonck. Tony is from Davao and I’m not too sure if he’s related to the hot Dutch-Filipino model Alec van Dierendonck. Anthony made a fresh appearance in this site 4 years ago (see here). Now, he’s one of the contestants of B-Naked: The Elite Super Model Quest happening on May 27, 2015 at the Music Museum. If you want to see him in person, tickets are available at TicketWorld 891.9999,  Music Museum 721.0635 or Roldan 0905 359.5091.

Dusky dream

L1421700 copyThe bronzed guy you saw the other day is the impossibly named Bryal Puedivan. Now, I’m actually partial towards the dark, swarthy ones, and this guy fits the bill. He has an amazing physique, too, which he has used in full in bikini contests.

And the winner is….

DSCF9980 DSCF9983

Albert Gonzales, of course. At the Daragang Magayon Bikini Open 2015 (won by Allen last year) held a few days ago, hunky Albert wowed the local crowd with a string of confidence and a pouch of fun, fun, fun! Wildly criticized for redefining the bikini genre this time, Albert won nonetheless as he led the ‘kini-clad pack, too, by winning all the minor awards that night. Click on the pics for your HD pleasure.

Come hither

JMJM Martinez, one of our favorites in this site, is back! This time he’s rockin’ the modified, hybrid bikini-fundoshi. This post is sort of a shoutout to everyone on vacation (everybody is in Japan these days)! While you’re at the beach or some cold spring-weather country, JM’s waiting for you at the hotel!

Body of evidence

IMG_3662I’m still on vacation and I’m just putting on the random pictures here for your daily dose of hunky guys. I’ve always believed that having a smashing bod really works wonders on one’s overall appearance. Albert Gonzales may not be drop-dead handsome but he is working on the sexy charm with that physique. Don’t you think so?

BJ by the pool

Bernard someraWhatever happened to that very promising new member of Masculados, Bernard Joseph Sumera? BJ won a metro-wide search for a new member, edging out his fellow bikini open colleagues for the job.  He’s now out-of-sight from the usual activities of the sexy-men group. Just wondering.


Jaymark Quintana 4

Jaymark Quintana 3A day without the bikini boys on this site is like a day without a bit of sunshine. The usual naughty and off-color images of boys who choose the path to bikinidom come! Like these photos of  Jaymark Quintana, who used to be a regular in the things-and-thongs competitions of yore before transplanting himself to Macau. He’s back again, this time auditioning for that big contest called BNaked: The Elite Supermodel Quest.


Aeron1You’ll have to bear with me with the technical glitches in the past. There’s no hacking, for sure. No revenge-driven gay guy out to put this site down. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is busy with his businesses and newly-revived tv career. Plus his house in Cecilleville is awfully quiet these days, abandoned by the Super Secret Group after that Ken brouhaha that the group members desperately want to forget.  Speaking of Ken, well he’s trying to be manful these days as he’s in showbiz now full time. He was advised to lie low from the gay scene – no Distillery or even attending Fifi’s Forbeswood Heights parties. Ken’s ex- Albert, though still bitter from last year’s awful breakup, is keeping his mind on his various businesses (and constant IG boasting). That Pogay guy is dirt poor somewhere in Batangas. So you see, no threats as of now. None yet. Just some uncool server messing up your daily dose of half naked guys.

Ahhh summer!

AllenI’m dreaming of summer, when the air is hot and humid and everyone’s in the beach. And of course, the season for the bikini contests and shows, where boys are in their skimpiest [and gaudiest] swimwear. Model above is, of course, the King of Bikini Contests, Allen Molina, in a floral print bikini. Great for summer!

Bikini boys Monday

#6It’s summer! Well, sort of. If the onset of the hot season could be predicted accurately, it would have to be by the bikini boys who come out to play! This year, the bikini contest sub-culture – the one that nurtures boys in the skimpiest of underthings – gets a testosterone kick start with Hataw Superbodies Bikini Open 2015! (in photo: frontrunner: Darryl del Mundo) (more…)

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