In Town

Here’s another Brazilian male model in our midst – Robson Costa. Tall fair and handsome Robson has been in the county for quite some time, quietly making tv commercials, photo shoots and print ads. He has also done the runway shows for A-list designers. Although he’s busy as a [becoming] bee for various projects in the metro, the 6′-tall Robson has never quite achieved the relative popularity of the Nipo-Brasileiros who came to town like Aki and Hideo. I wonder why.


I know, Monday is such a drag. It always comes around so quickly. Now, it’s even raining here in the city and all I want to do is stay in bed and – how do you say it? – vegetate. And then again there’s that thing called making a living. Off to the salt mines! Our refreshing Monday guy is Lester Aaron Eidref Garcia, a 20-year-old native of Pandi, Bulacan. He looks pure and sweet and cute, isn’t he?


He’s one of the new male models in the scene. His name – Derick Hubalde, a 6’2″-tall descendant of a basketball celebrity in the Philippine Basketball Association [PBA]. The 25-year-old model, who was once featured as one of the Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine hunks, is swamped with runway offers. Thanks to his swarthy good looks and height, he’s booking all the major shows this season. Derick admits that although modeling is his bread and butter now, he still wants to be a professional basketball player for the PBA like his father.

Jerby So Comely

Twenty-one-year-old Jerby dela Cruz is a native of Roxas City but he is now based in Quezon City although he is the current Lakan ng San Jose City [in Bulacan] and the Lakan ng Bulacan 2008 winner. The tall former student of Hercor College in Roxas City was also a featured model in the recently-held Philippine Fashion Week. He has joined bikini contests in Metro Manila after his stint in Bulacan. With a little scrub and scour, he’ll be polished to movie star looks. He reminds me of a younger Piolo Jose Pascual [pre-surgery and pre-stardom].

The Hole Guy

The distracting lifeguard in GMA-7’s Hole in the Wall [akin to Japan’s silly and funny Brain Wall show] is Filipino-Belgian Edouard “Ted” George. The handsome model was discovered on the shores of Boracay Island while vacationing with his family from Switzerland. He has since stayed in the country and has done various modeling assignments, commercial ads and bikini shows. The 19-year-old hunk backed out of the Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009 midway through the competition to take on the role of a shirtless lifeguard in Hole. He is now getting noticed as a familiar face on tv.


The pretend-question is: If you have extra Php 25,000.00 [roughly $ 500.00 or SA Riyal 2,000.00] to spend and male model Mark Onir is worth that amount for a date and more, will you put in that amount for him? Will you engage the services of the 24-year-old top model, who is in-demand these days for ad campaigns and other jobs? Just asking a hypothetical question.

Hot Model Richie

Filipino-American international model Rich Herrera is still hot as ever! He used to be on tv as a host on some lifestyle show and since I don’t keep tabs on the telly that much, I have not seen his lovely sexy shadow in a while. The guy’s a regular in Manila’s happening places plus the fact that magazines love to do photo shoots, editorials and ad campaigns around him.

Which Body Type

Which body type do you prefer most on a man? Excluding the fat specimen. Do you like the guys who are at least 5’10” tall and on the “larger” side? Like Jon Hall [left], who is not extremely muscular yet fit and proportioned, not blubbery fat but heavy with muscles underneath? Or do you go for the tall and thin one? Like Sassan Shokouhi who is slender like those lean but up to snuff basketball players? I find the physical attributes of the former more appealing, if you ask me. How about you?

The Hills

His name is Justin Hills, a 6′-tall model who is the new It Boy of trendy local brand Folded and Hung. Since Brazilian-with-Japanese-blood hottie Hideo Muraoka has gone off to greener and bigger [modeling] pastures, this Filipino-British hunk is now the current denim endorser of the top brand. His multimedia advertisements plus highway billboards are sure to keep the girls and girls in some hunk-hankering episodes in the days to come.

Lucas Gil was in Manila

Gorgeous Brazilian male model Lucas Gil is our Friday guy. He was in Manila recently to do some work in commercials and print ads. The hunky guy from the city of Belem in Para, Brazil won the Mister Brasil Mundo 2007, which earned him the right to represent his country in the Mr. World 2007 contest in Sanya, China. At the international competition, he landed first runner-up. From then on, he was offered modeling jobs in the Asian region. He is now in New York City to pursue his dream of being a successful international model. Happy Friday!
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