Geeky Sexy: Christian de la Cruz

It’s the geeky sexy look that 24-year-old Christian de la Cruz is sporting! The 6’3″-tall former contestant of Mister Philippines 2007 is hoping to make it big in the modeling industry. So far, he has lately been seen in runway shows and print ads. He is a native of Ilocos Norte and a student of Hotel and Restaurant Management at ICCT Colleges.

Ervic vs. Zanjoe

Ervic Vijandre and Zanjoe Marudo were recently seen on separate occasions wearing the same theme – shirtless in green jeans with red belt. Ervic was flaunting his hot bod in a fashion show for clothing brand Penshoppe in Boracay on the first week of April. On the other hand, Bench model Zanjoe was working it at the Coverboys show a week ago, in apple-green jeans. Who’s hotter now?

The Brothers Harman

Brothers Mark [standing] and Sean Harman are trying their luck in Philippine showbiz. Born to a Filipino mother and New Zealander father, Mark [20 years old] and Sean [18 years old] both stand 6′-tall. Sean is a waiter back in Brisbane while Mark is a chef. If I’m not mistaken, Sean’s using the name “Sean Oh” for GMA 7’s afternoon series, Daisy Siete: Prince Charming and the Seven Maids. The boys have signed up for GMA 7 projects.

Johnron Exclusive!

Johnron Tanada revealed that, despite his being with Viva Films for quite some time now, he just recently signed an exclusive contract with the artist management arm of the company. Which means, we can expect more Johnron appearances in Viva projects soon. In fact, he made a brief appearance in the Robin Padilla-Aiai delas Alas movie produced by Viva. And as for the Viva Digital movie he will be doing under the Jay Altarejos-Lex Bonife team [Parola, Antonio], the shoot starts today all the way up to Vigan City. Entitled Kambyo, this is a gay road trip movie, which will [again] show off Johnron’s jewels. Lex promised exclusive stills for the site, so there’s something to watch out for,guys. And, as for this photo shoot [images above], I will be posting Johnron photos soon sans the jeans.

Paolo Serrano with [some] clothes on

If you google Paolo Serrano, chances are you will see posts titled “Paolo Serrano scandal.” Of course, given the penchant of most Filipinos to label a roughly-made video worthy of xtube as a “scandal”, that scandal is of the handsome ex-Viva Hotmen member spanking the monkey on cam, in the confines of his room. Paolo is a Computer Science graduate [from Perpetual Help College in Laguna] and a ramp model, before he became a member of the pioneering group Viva Hotmen. He was last seen -playing coy – in the video Masahe M2M.

JC and Ervic together in Bora

JC Tiuseco [left] and Ervic Vijandre were always together in the island paradise because they belong to the same modeling agency, that’s why. Last Holy Week [topmost photos] JC [5’11”, San Sebastian College baller] and Ervic [6’2″, De La Salle U baller] were inseparable during the day and at night time when they, for instance, attended the three major parties on Black Saturday. As opposed to their Holy Week vacation, JC and Ervic were again spotted [bottom photos] last April, this time working – as in doing a fashion show for the clothing brand Penshoppe. 


It’s the end of the work week! What a long week it was – way too much time spent at work but it’s Friday so I’m happy. I live for Fridays! Here’s mysterious Jay Santos, the print and commercial model, who was posted here a couple of times – taking a shower, showing off some bulge and contemplating. Cheers!

Red-hot: Martin Richard

The 6’1″-tall Martin Richard never fails to appear in Bench underwear’s campaigns and fashion shows. The latest – for Bench’s summer campaign called White Gold, shows Martin Richard under the sweltering sky in Bangui Bay, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. Too, he was in the underwear brand’s shows such as Dingdong Dantes‘s launch, China roadshows, Be Bench Grand Finals, and Bench Fever. Martin Richard is under Monaco Modeling Agency.

Body Shots 2008 Launched

In 1984, the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines [FDAP] launched Body Shots an annual modeling competition that launched the careers of models and actors like: Eric Quizon, Laurenti Dyogi, John Estrada, Emilio Garcia, JR Valentin, Ricardo Cepeda, Zanjoe Marudo, Hayden Kho, Lauren Novero and AJ Dee among others. This year, Body Shots is back and after a series of screenings at the Banahaw Room of Century Park Hotel, and at Hyatt Hotel, 13 women and 14men were chosen as official candidates from a pool of more than 200 aspirants. Here are some interesting highlights:

1. AdrianRacho and Raph Almeda both made it to the official list. Modeling industry observers are watching with glee as the two guys, who have been the subjects of constant comparison – Adrian as the former talent and Raph as the current ward of a known talent manager – battle it out for the top spot.

2. Sassan Shokouhi also made it. The tallest in the batch at 6’3″, this will be the first competition for the 22-year-old Filipino-Iranian model. Also in the batch is Ginoong Pilipinas 2007 runner-up Harold Oide, at 5’9″ or thereabouts.

3. One familiar face stood out: Eric Eleazar [first photo, third from left] who’s tanner and buffer this time around. Standing next to Eric in the first photo is recent Hataw Super Bodies 2008 contestant Suzuki Aragon,now sporting a different name: Piko Suzuki. Also in the first photo on the rightmost part is veteran bikini open contestant Marvin Miranda, who also made it to the official list.

4. Nico Deyro [third photo, sitting rightmost] surprisingly made it to the official selection. He is the shortest in the group,at 5’7″.

5. Jonas Cabuay [third photo, standing second from left] ex-candidate of Sta.Lucia’s Sexy Bodies 2008 is also in the circle, along with ex-Mr. Philippines 2007 finalist Jobo Roa [third photo, standing third from right], and Carlo Guevara‘s best friend Harvey Cruz [third photo, standing center].

6. There’s an interesting newcomer [between nos. 16 and 18 in the second photo] who made it to the list – Mario Zamboni. He is muscled, mestizo [probably German in origin] and with long tresses. Someone to watch out for.

7. And the best part of the screening was how the sleazebag talent manager made a riotous scene, trying to enter the screening room to railroad his ward’s entry into the official list. He is known in this site as The-One-Who-Posts-Comments-Passionately-In-Capital-Letters or simply, JP. Of course, the decent and well-meaning organizers put him in his place: he was not allowed entry and his ward – a lanky guy who won a male contest recently at Metro Bar courtesy of his manager [of course], was shut out from the official list. Now, it’s back to seedy shows for the manager.

Weekend Scorcher: Rico Lazaro

Piolo doppelgänger Rico Lazaro is our weekend guy! Rico Lazaro just wrapped up an indie movie with a sexy theme, slated for showing in July and in the festivals abroad. Too, he is one of the models of designer Renee Salud in a fashion show next month. Of course, he is still the go-to guy for Mr. Pascual‘s needs for a body double, like in the recent Clear shampoo commercial campaign.
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