Private Tutor: Ross Simbulan

Ross Simbulan is a 24-year-old model who was last seen as one of the male contestants in the Mr. & Ms. Sexy Body 2008 bikini contest. The 5’7″-tall hottie was also included in last year’s list of 69 “Hot, New Bachelors” of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine, where he lists his occupation as “model/private tutor.” He appeared in an indie movie, Kasambahay [Dead’s Grin] also released last year.

Marvin Sia, hunky-cute chinito

Marvin Simon Sia first got noticed in a commercial for CloseUp toothpaste. In 2004, he won Colgate’s 1Million Pesos Trip Kita Challenge. The 5’9″-tall model then joined the 2006 Mossimo Bikini Grand Prix [won by Jerome Ortiz]. People always find an uncanny resemblance of this guy with Vanness Wu of the Asian boyband F4.

The buzz on Hayden Kho, Jr.

Despite recent backroom talk about some medical malpractice suit settled in dizzying millions of pesos, Dr. Hayden Kho, Jr. seems undaunted. The 6’2″-tall celebrity with the long hyphenated title – i.e. model-singer-doctor-actor, is juggling his medical work and showbiz career at the same time. So far, it is working, though, as he has appeared countless times on tv soaps and variety shows while doing his day job as one of the affiliated doctors of the Belo Medical Group. Hayden, who passed the Physician Licensure Exams in 2007, also has certificates from the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery in Palm Springs, FL and the European Anti-Aging Society in Paris, France.

Who is Adriano Kartuliares?

Reader macy7984 sent in these photos of Brazilian model Adriano Kartuliares, for us to enjoy. The tall hunk from the land of the samba has been a constant fixture in society pages of late, together with his girlfriend [her name is the tattoo on his butt, photo above]. Adriano has also done advertising campaigns in Thailand, before coming over to shoot tv and print ads for commercial brands and fashion designers.

Rocky and Vince

Just when I thought my favorite models – the dark-skinned male supermodel Rocky Salumbides and the very mestizo Vince Canizares, have disappeared into the backstage [because they have not been very visible lately!], the two top male mods were recently spotted strutting the Bonifacio High Street runway for Speedo. At the show, Rocky and Vince were still true to form – showing their stuff that made them Singapore’s top models a few years back.

Christian Navesis cuts his mane

Remember Christian Navesis, the one with the long hair before? This time, he goes skinhead and still looks sexy. Recently, the 22-year-old bikini pageant vet landed second runner-up at the Mr. Sexy Bodies 2008 contest. The freelance actor and model, who stands 5’9.5″, has also appeared in the movie Twilight Dancers, as one of the background dancers.

Cebuano models are hawt!

We don’t have to be reminded that Cebu is a bonanza-city of fresh-looking mestizo male models. Remember Cassidy Shun, Marco Antonio Aranas, Siegfred Schmidt, Martin Grogaard, Daniel Korber and Harold Dee? All from the Queen City of the South! Of course, top male mods who made it big, John Hall and Vince Canizares are from Cebu, too. Photos above are Gian Carlo Berdin [left] and Zalcris Shun, two Models Association of Cebu [MAC] members who are on the rise. Gian Berdin, who is 21 years old and a nurse by profession was Mr. Philippine Nursing Schools Association 2004 and Mr. Nursing 2003 at the Cebu Doctors University. Zalcris Shun, on the other hand, represented his school – University of Cebu [Main] – in the Mr. Campus Face 2006 [won by Spark Ding].

Congee Aragon gets cool

A Baguio City-based model and singer, Congee Aragon describes himself as a “fun outgoing guy” in his web profiles. He has also appeared in bikini contests and male pageants up in Baguio. He says he loves to sing karaoke, hang out with friends, and play on the computer. “Play on the computer,” he does, as reader H, who sent in the photos above to my email, also forwarded amusing videos of Congee Aragon playing on the computer.

Raph Almeda for summer

Twenty-one year-old Raph Almeda is a part-time model recently seen at the Mr. & Ms. Sexy Bodies 2008 contest. Although he did not win the top plum, Raph Almeda is undaunted as he is gearing up for the summer bikini contests this year. The 5’1o.5″-tall chinito hunk, this early, is displaying a big potential in the modeling circuit.

Marco Alcaraz in Cebu

Speaking of Bench, whatever happened to Marco Alcaraz? The 6’1″-tall Bench Body model has not been very visible lately. One reader sent in news that Marco is always seen in Cebu. The 25-year-old actor was born in Davao but he went to school in Cebu, prior to his stint at San Sebastian College in Manila [where he played varsity hoops]. Plus he has a Cebuana girlfriend now, that’s why. With the entry of a new and more popular Bench underwear endorser, I’m wondering now if we’ll still get to see more of Marco Antonio Alcaraz in those colorful skivvies.
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