Spark Ding!

Yes, that is his name – Spark Ding. Born in the Philippines to Korean parents, Spark Ding claims to have three college degrees – International Business in Australia, IT in Hong Kong, and Nursing in Manila. He speaks with an American inflection -put-on or otherwise, as a result of his living in half a dozen continents in the past. He was Mr. Campus Face 2006, when he represented his nursing college [I think it was St. Jude in Manila], and was one of the featured models in the Cosmo Bachelors’ Bash in 2006.


The new Lucky Me Noodles commercial featured a Korean guy, who looked dapper and ethereal, perpetually yakking the word “jjampong” as the TVC rolled on. His name is Paulo Han, a 27-year-old Korean-Brazilian model doing the rounds of the runways and commercials around Asia. Just like jjampong [Korean noodle soup and seafood with hot red pepper], Paulo Han is spicy hot!

Mr. Big: Sassan Shokouhi

One of the 69 “hot, new bachelors” of Cosmopolitan [Phils.] magazine this year who is destined to be big is Sassan Shokouhi, a 22-year-old Filipino-Iranian model. He is the new face of Eskinol Master Facial Cleanser billboards in the city. The 6’3″-tall hunk also appeared during the Air 69 Bachelors’ Bash of the magazine – in shiny green tights, so tight you can decipher what he’s up to. Such a tease.

The other Guevara

The wind beneath Be Bench ultimate winner Carlo Guevara‘s wings would definitely have to be his older brother, 21-year-old Paolo Adrian Guevara. Although he did not make it to the top 12 in the Be Bench search, he was fully supportive of his brother throughout the contest. He was also responsible for prodding Carlo earlier in the go-see for the event, as the younger Guevara wanted to back out when he was in the midst of taller and buffer models. The 5’8″-tall Paolo is a graduate of the College of Saint Benilde and has been modeling for quite some time. Ultimate voyeur UPH says Paolo looks way much better in person.

Jon and Victor

Now that model Jon Mullally has entered the Big Brother house, will model-actor Victor Basa keep a special eye on the hunky housemate? The Big Brother house looks boring with the cast of bland models now, but people are hoping Victor Basa does a grand reveal to a ditzy buxom woman in the garden. Or maybe Jon Mullally opens up in the confession room about his friendship with singer-boyband member Lance Onate, back when Jon was still living in Isabelle Condo in Makati. The drama is about to start.

Bursting at the Seams: Arvin Macu

The Gay Pride flag boy’s name is Arvin Macu, a freelance model from Olongapo City. He has appeared in fashion shows and ads with best buddy Jeffrey Surio. The 24-year old stud, who was recently named in the Mr. and Ms. Body Shots 2007 as the Photographers’ Choice Awardee, also appeared at the Cosmo Air 69 Bachelors’ Bash held recently [second photo].

Martin Jickain scuttlebutt

1. At the Quezon City Hall last Monday, the parking boys [and onlookers] were in a frenzy. Martin Jickain‘s estranged wife was giving away his shoes – lots of them – as contained in one of the councilor’s service trucks. Most of the shoes were sneakers and trainers, and the parking boys and city hall personnel were just too happy to have ’em shoes worn by the cute model.

2. At the Chika Mo Chika Ko show [6-7 pm, Saturdays at UNTV Channel 21 on Sky and Channel 99 on Destiny], the funny hosts were rattling off a blind item about a recently-separated male model who went back to his relationship with the tv director-boyfriend. Of course, there are no blind items in the show as the hosts eventually name the subjects. The hosts identified the male model and the director of the morning show Sis on GMA 7. Hilarious show. You should watch it guys.

Andrew Wolff out of “Nars” movie

The Big Bad Wolff is now out of the digital flick “Nars”, which is a tribute to all nurses and nursing students in the Philippines. Andrew Wolff was originally cast as the male lead in the movie, but he was later replaced by another Fil-British model, Jon Mullally aka Jon Avila of Star Magic. The director of “Nars” is Adolfo Alix, Jr., who also megged the Philippines’ bet to the 2008 Oscars, Donsol. “Nars” is expected to premiere on October 24 at the Philippine Nurses’ Convention.

What’s Hayden up to tonight?

For weeks, Celebrity Duets [Saturdays, 7 pm GMA 7] contestant Dr. Hayden Kho, Jr. has thrilled audiences with his cutesy spiels, plus the fact that he has taken off his shirt countless times for the show. Maybe that’s the reason he has stayed that long in the show, never mind the singing. Tonight, not a few people are waiting what he’s going to do next in the show, now that he has already shown his waxed chest and gyrated audaciously on stage.

Pitstop with Mark San Diego

Twenty-eight year-old model and former music veejay, Mark San Diego considers his puwit [gluteus maximus], cheekbones and eyes as his best physical assets. He has modeled for top Filipino brands and apparel aside from blazing the runway for premier fashion designers. Mark has also done modeling jobs in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Europe and New York. According to his bio, his idol is Marcus Schenkenberg and his style icon is Brad Pitt.
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