Redux: The Now-Famous Gym Instructor

James Mark Banzon, the dishy gym instructor at Slimmers World Megamall, is well on his way to queer ├ęclat, thanks to his recent photoshoot with a local mag, Red Hot. The hunky dreamboat, who has done the rounds of bikini contests in town, has plans of entering showbiz as an action hero or a drama actor. He is an only child, but he lives independently now in Mandaluyong City away from Los Banos, Laguna where his folks live.

Where is Jon Hall?

Last seen at the Bench Fever concept show in June last year, British-Filipino Jon Hall has gone a-missin’ from the scene. Prior to that, he was one of the favored models in the Bench mansion. Lately, however, not much has been heard or seen about him. The 6′-tall model, who spent his first seven years in Cebu and the next decade in Florida came back to the Philippines with hopes of joining major basketball leagues. However, after talent casters discovered him, Jon Hall has blazed the runway in major ramp shows for top designers and brands. He also did two adult movies [Xerex and Sinful Nights].

Soap S[t]ud: Troy Reyes

The American fiction writer Betty MacDonald once said that “too much scrubbing takes the life right out of things.” In the case of Troy Reyes, above, I wouldn’t mind most the “too much” in the scrubbing since definitely, as can be seen in the photos above, it does not take the life right out of things. Or myself, for that matter. Fancy having hand-washed clothes by a 5’9″-tall model from Quezon City who has participated in most bikini contests in town. That would be swell. Anyways, Troy Reyes’ recent win was 1st runner-up in Bar Uno’s Mr. Aura, won by a daring Andrew Morgan aka Kerk Vincent.

New Bench Campaign

I think Bench is the new Visa. You know, ‘you can’t leave home without it.’ And ‘it’s everywhere you want to be.’ You see, the billboards are all over the metro again. Bench, that ubiquitous company with giant signs and posters all over the city [by the way, they opened shop recently at Westfield, Eaglerock, CA], has newly put up its new underwear posters in major streets in Metro Manila. This I presume is in lieu of their summer campaign, OJ Summer [as summer is about to end]. Model above is reader J.’s favorite patsy and whipping boy, Jonathan “Jon” Mullally.

Iron Man: Jeffrey Pineda

He has always carried this reputation as a guy who is exceedingly meticulous. People knew he irons his own clothes before he goes out. He’s got these very domesticated ways about him. He is a button-up guy about everything in his life: his nutrition, his exercise, his diet, his clothes, his cleanliness. Everything about him is very well-organized and crisp and clean. I’m making this all up to fill in the page. Here’s Jeffrey Pineda, a 24 year old part-time model from Mabalacat, Pampanga. Jeff stands 5’11 and is a Civil Engineering student.

Some issues on Chris Friel

From Oliver Carnay of, I received mail remarking on recent posts about Chris Friel. L.A.-based and seasoned photog, publicist and reporter Mr. Carnay, who chronicles Philippine and Hollywood entertainment news and events in the widely-read, has published an open letter to Chris Friel in the website, which letter reads in part as:

“In this business, I have accepted that many people are very ungrateful. But I told myself I will not be like them. I hope, Chris, that you’ll learn to give credit where credit is due and you’ll appreciate what people have done for you. Sometimes, just a little “thank you” is even enough. I was not asking for any money for the things I’ve done for you. I was just asking for a little respect. Just a little respect!

At this last pageant, during the rehearsal, you were asked which country you would represent, and you replied, “I have to get back with you on that!” You mean, after winning the title Ginoong Pilipinas USA, you are not sure yet of which country you will represent?

You have lied to me and to some people I know. Up to this point, you haven’t appreciated the Filipinos around who took care of you. Are you really the Filipino you are claiming you are? “

For the complete letter of Mr. Carnay, follow the link.
This would now be the time when I do my tsk-tsk-tsk: Looks like Mr. Friel has a lot of explaining to do.

Encantar! Alfred Guevarra

The trouble with most male models who want to make it big these days is that they have the exceptional ability to always remain in the background, that is, they are always just there. Not distinctly noticeable or individually important. In the case of Alfred Guevarra, a 22-year-old model, one wonders why he still has not shot to good fame, despite his admirable looks and bearing. He was a finalist in the 2004 Man of the Year Search, and not much has happened to his supposed-to-be glitzy career, except some minor appearances in ramp shows and strip tease playacts for gay mags. He deserves to be big, if you ask me.

How to sell one’s self…

I meant, as a commercial model. Or an actor. Iffy Harold Montano, who figured recently in a sex-bust on tv [see related post], is determined to make it and how. Uncomfortable wearing clothes, Harold Montano is doing what he loves best [i.e. stripping, i suppose] to make himself known. He goes around with a resume that could have worked wonders for him in the mid-level corporate world: a degree in Business Management from La Consolacion College in Bacolod City and a “rich-clan breeeding.” Apparently he also owns a bar called Ang Kab Grill, with capital from “my rich aunt.” It was in that bar where he was discovered by movie writers, dancing with a slithery snake to cover his member. From then on he has appeared in countless shows, as the main attraction with his, uh, snake. His publicists have touted him as the next Zuma, the famous boa-garbed [I meant big snakes on the neck] Filipino comic-book character being developed by GMA 7 as a new series. So far, the tv network has not yet announced plans for such series.

Soulful Swarthy Hunk for the Weekend

I confess a predilection for models of the Chinese-looking or dark-skinned [bordering on the nigrescent] varieties. As I’ve had my post recently on the former [see Ernesto Calopez ], here’s another example within the other spectrum of my preferment – the dark brooding alpha male. His name is Abel Jimeno, a 21-year old model from Paranaque City [originally from Tabaco, Albay in Bicol Province]. He’s no ordinary model-wannabe as Abel Jimeno came from good schools – San Beda High School and Mapua Institute of Technology [taking up Mechanical Engineering]. Born in Saudi Arabia, the 5’9″ tall Abel has done ramp shows in between school break. With modeling merely as a part-time job, he is determined to finish his course and be a licensed Mechanical Engineer soon.

How’s DJ Alvey doing?

Alvin Alfonso aka DJ Alvey, Channel V International’s newest kid on the block – who hosts Arcade and Popparazzi, is sorely missed in Manila. During the Holy Week holidays, the erstwhile Manila model breezed through Boracay and had a sexy romp on the beach with fellow models and celeb-friends. Prior to that, he spent a vacation Down Under, as a respite from his busy sched in Channel V [controlled by Star Group Ltd. from its Hongkong offices]. DJ Alvey [real name: Alvin Pulga] is now back in his job, and hopefully, we’ll see him soon in Manila.
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