Remember Arjay John Mones?

While we are on the matter of Ginoong Pilipinas, here’s Arjay John Mones , the Pandi [Bulacan] native who was the 2005 Ginoong Pilipinas grand winner. Easily the most controversial in his batch then, he first appeared as one of the contestants on Bodyshots 2004 [won by Dennis Dizon], together with his fresh-off-the-boat friend, a very young Maico Eduria aka Josh Ivan Morales. Next came the opportunity for showbiz, so he appeared as Mr.September and October for the 2005 Calendar Boys, where he was snapped in a naked romp in a grassy field, dong-a-dangling. After winning the Ginoong Pilipinas title, Arjay John Mones disappeared for a while from the limelight, concentrating on work in Saipan. Now he is back, obviously with a bit of weight [although he still looks good]. He is seen regularly as one of the male leads in Channel 7’s Daisy Syete, that seriously-titled kitsch of a show by the Sexbomb dancers.

Primo: James Mark Banzon

James Mark Banzon is a certified gym instructor and a “staunch advocate of healthy living.” An only child, James stands 5’9″ and was born and raised in Los Banos, Laguna. His resume indicates that he is a graduate of Mass Communications at the College of St. Benilde although sometimes he lists his school as Philippine School of Business Administration [PSBA] with a BS Business Administration diploma.

With his well-chiseled bod, the part-time model has done the rounds of bikini contests, such as Kawasaki Hunk 2006 [winner], Slimmers World Great Bodies 2006 [Top 5 and Texters’ Choice], Kourus 2006 Male Model Search [3rd RU], and Mr. and Ms. Sexy Bodies 2007 [finalist]. James is currently a full-time instructor at the Slimmers World gym in SM Megamall. With a fetching and calm face coupled with an astounding physique, James Mark Banzon is well on his easy way to tinsel town.

Zanjoe Marudo tv ad launched today

If my sources in the ad agency are quite precise with the dope, Zanjoe Marudo’s tv commercial will be released today, synchronically in all tv stations. It’s a soda commercial for this lanky 24-year old underwear-model-turned-comedian. Zanjoe Marudo, who shot to fame in Big Brother [Celebrity Edition] has a tremendous following among the Great Unwashed. Probably this could be due to the fact that they have identified or empathized with his oafish and unpolished ways [inside the Big Brother house, his boorish manners often got Big Brother’s ire and attention]. Regardless of such, Zanjoe Marudo has gone a long way from a struggling model to an actor and product endorser.

Ginoong Pilipinas tonight!

[Kish McBride]
Tonight will be the Finals of the Ginoong Pilipinas 2007 at the Clamshell 2 PTA Tent, Intramuros, Manila. Hataw Superbodies Bikini Open winner Kish McBride [representing Metro Manila] is drummed up as the next winner, judging from the exposures he’s been getting in the contest [aside from the fact that he’s one of the few gorgeous candidates in said annual search]. But then again, he deserves to win rightfully, if you ask me, while looking at this year’s bumper crop, rather mishmash of wannabe models, dancers and provincial-lads-promised-instant-fame candidates.

l-r: Randy del Rosario [San Juan City], Jachin Delovieres [Pangasinan]
and Harold Oide [Baguio City]

l-r: John Almorfe [Pasig City, Denver Olivares [Cavite]
and Patrick Rivera [San Juan City]

Another most-likely-to-win is Jachin Delovieres of Pangasinan, which province has produced most winners in the annual contest. The other candidates worth noting are those featured above, who might just pull a big surprise over the cocksure Kish McBride. However, as in the past, knowing how screwy the judging can get, any candidate – including los candidatos feos – might take home the title. Otherwise, the all-too happy judges will take them home.

Punjabi Dream: Bob Dhaliwal

The jewel of my heart has come, rosy with the hues of love.

Bullah Shah, Punjabi poet

Bob Dhaliwal, 20 years old and 5’10”-tall was a standout candidate in the Hataw Superbodies Bikini Open held recently. Born and raised in Punjab, India [he only arrived in Manila at the start of his university education], Bob is graduating this year with a degree in Business Management at the Far Eastern University. This goodlooking Punjabi is quite a refreshing sight, indeed.

Rafael Rosell to host new reality show for celebs

Rafael Quimpo Rosell IV, the 25-year-old actor and Bench underwear model who was born and raised in Norway [to Filipino parents], will be the new host of the reality show Hollywood Dreams, now renamed as American Dream. The show, which aims to send one Filipino celeb to Hollywood with his/her own SAG card, will also be seen now in GMA 7’s sister station – QTV 11. Despite being identified with a rival network [ABS-CBN] where he also plays a major role in a fanta-series called Rounin, Rafael was allowed by his home studio to host the new edition of the reality show [he is an alum from the first season] in a rival network.

Dutch-Filipino Stunner: Alec van Dierendonck

Alec van Dierendonck was born and raised in the Netherlands [Fact: The Netherlands is the European part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands which consists of the Netherlands, the Netherlands Antilles, and Aruba. The Netherlands is often called Holland. This is incorrect as the provinces of North and South Holland in the western Netherlands are only two of the country’s twelve provinces]. In 1996, then 16-year old Alec, who is half-Filipino and half-Dutch, moved to the Philippines for good. He first burst into the modeling world in 2004 when he joined the Mossimo Bikini Summit [won by Marco Grazzini] and the MTV Fashionista Model Search [won by Anthony Madden, Rocky Salumbides and AJ Winkler]. At present, he is under the management of CalCarrie’s Manila and Andrew’s Models [Kuala Lumpur]. At the recent Philippine Fashion Week [see photos above], this 6’3″-tall model, who is known for his professionalism and seriousness at work, still elicited a lot of silent sighs from the audience.

Dreamboat: Rei de Castro

Ronee Ray de Castro aka Rei de Castro is a 23-year old 6′-tall model of Mediatrix Modeling Agency. Last seen as one of the pre-pageant candidates of Mr. World-Philippines, Rei backed out at the last minute. The dusky stunner from Mandaluyong City, has also appeared in commercial spots on tv and print ads, and has been doing quite a number of ramp shows of late. Rei remains unfazed despite the nasty rumors about him, i.e. the garden variety of rumors surrounding a male model like cosmetic surgery [nose and chin], sexual preference, and wealthy benefactors.

Good morning Jayvee.

Twenty-two year old Engineering student Jayvee Cepeda is getting to be a regular in this blog, and how! He recently came out of recovery from a motorcycle accident, but now he is back and roaring, uh, raring to work. The regular chunka-hunka Bed-goer does modeling on the side, plus some stints in the Datu ng Maynila and Maharlikang Pilipino search, both all-male personality [read: bikini] contests.

Breakout: Jon Mullally

This would have to be our KitKat post, the let-us-take-a-break-from-careless-naked-boys moment. Jon Mullally is 6’1″ lean, trim and weighing 175 lbs. He used to be the Century Tuna Image Model, getting the deal after surviving a model search held in Boracay Islands last year. Jon was formerly a banker in London before moving here to do some modeling [I presume without being too cocky about it: Modeling is way more lucrative than say, banking.]. Jonathan Mullally, recently seen as the yellow-bikini-clad cover of gay Icon pulp, is half-Irish and half-Filipino.
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