Ah, the scent of shirtless men in an airless gym! I just realized I have featured all of dem boys, Joseph, Joross, Marco, Derick, Jordan and JC here before in various states of undress (in briefs, actually), through the early years

and then it dawned on me, it’s going to be the 11th year of this sleazy blog in February! Time flies fast, and the boys gained some poundage, too. What the heck, they’re still delish as ever.

Scandal Squad

scandal squad

Oh gawd, with the terrible exception of Ian Veneracion and that boxer guy, these boys seem to be having a reunion on the basketball court somewhere in Batangas! I got this from the mail, so kudos to memechi1089 for taking time out to point this to me, us. The boys are undermanned so maybe we can recommend some recruits.


Cosmo Night

It’s Cosmo Night later! The boys and the men are out to play for the girls. Of course, we’ll see the usual wet, sweaty bods on stage. Some may pull down their pants. Others will just have to be prissy with their jeans on. But just the same, it will be one wild night with all the half-naked men.  Here are some moments in the past Cosmo Bachelors Bash that I remember.
 The water gun was introduced in 2008, to douse the guys, including Bruce Quebral.
 Many were surprised to see the transformation of singer Christian Bautista in 2010.
Bonus: hair!

 Actor Dennis Trillo first appeared in the Cosmo event in 2005 looking cute and hot.

 Dingdong Dantes went nekkid on the cover of the magazine and he was the night’s star in 2007.
 An unknown youngster by the name of Enchong Dee failed to elicit loud screams in 2006.

 Newbie Jon Mullally was still a bit player in 2006, relegated to the fly-in models group.

 Daring actor Marco Morales was the opening act in the 2007 edition.
Surprisingly, he didn’t pull his shorts down.
 Actor Marco Alcaraz had his undies cut into pieces and threw them into the crowd.

 In 2005, Will Devaughn boldly stepped out of his pants.
Zanjoe Marudo, then a fledgling model, also showed up in his underwear 
at the 2005 edition [with Iago Raterta]

Grainy Pics

Grainy pics. Old pics Sunday. At the biennial Bench underwear show in 2006 dubbed as Bench Fever, the models came out hot and ready for the fleshfest. 

 A then-unknown model by the name of Jon Mullally appeared on stage in tiny jocks. 
He went on to become a Bench underwear model favorite.

 Bit player Marco Alcaraz also showed his fine moreno form.

 Veteran model Luke Jickain could hardly contain his excitement and hard-on.

 Model Robby Mananquil was game, pre-rhinolasty.

Promising model Iago Raterta made his last appearance before becoming an illegal alien in the US.

And, of course, the cream of the crop then – a butt-nekkid Andrew Wolff!


My favorite moreno guys are these ones: Marco Alcaraz, Bruce Quebral and Emmanuel Mago. They all started with playing hoops for their respective schools way back in college. Marco headlined for the San Sebastian Stags, Bruce for the University of the Philippines Fighting Maroons, and Bobby for the Emilio Aguinaldo College Generals.  And then they modeled for the fashion designers in town. Who are your favorite moreno guys?

Dance, Dance!

Dancer in the dark is 27-year-old actor and Bench Body underware, er, underwear model Marco Alcaraz. He’s in the news lately for getting married abroad, as if the situation would warrant an outburst of grief and regretfulness from showbiz lookers-on and kibitzers. It merely affirms he is a straight guy. With occasional lapses in earthy judgment, of course.


Speaking of daddies and older persons, two desirable actors still active in the sidelines are Luis Alandy [left] and Marco Alcaraz. Still sexy at 30, Luis Alandy is still showing the younger generation of actors that he still has the goods and the spark to plod on under the klieg lights. Just recently he showed his buttocks again in the gay rag Folio. On the other hand, 27-year-old Marco Alcaraz is getting ready to settle down, although he’s not retiring yet from show business. He still packs a wallop in the sexy-briefs department, proof-positive was his Folio shoot.


Twenty-seven-year-old actor Marco Alcaraz is our regulation post today of guy-with-bulge-in-underwear. The tall and swarthy hunk from Cebu recently appeared in the sexy rag Folio, where he was in his element with come-hither poses. Aside from the indie movies that he’s doing, he’s regularly seen on tv playing bit and supporting roles.

Folio Out Now

The new magazine with nekkid boys, Folio is out now in stores! One of the featured guys is delish dude Marco Alcaraz, who just might spring a surprise in his spread. Folio sells at Php 175.00 at the following stores: CV Magazines in Landmark Department Store – Makati, all Filbars outlets, and Fully Booked in Trinoma, Greenhills, The Fort and SM North EDSA. It will also be available at BookSale branches next week.