Pitik Bulag Rated A

The new movie of Marco Alcaraz, Pitik Bulag, has been rated A by the Cinema Evaluation Board. This means that the producers are entitled to a 100% tax incentive. Pitik Bulag will be Marco’s most daring move and movie to date. Directed by Gil Portes under ALV Productions, it is “a sexy erotic drama” about a sexually adventurous couple. The movie will be shown without cuts starting tomorrow 1 July 2009 at Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Ermita, Remar, Cinerama, Gotesco Grand Central, Gotesco Ortigas and Ultra-Vista in Cebu.

Marco Alcaraz in Pitik Bulag

Sexy guy Marco Alcaraz is doubly excited about the release of his new movie entitled Pitik Bulag.  The erotic flick will be released on 1 July 2009 in limited theaters, and the actor’s making sure that everyone’s going to see it.  Of course, we will all rush to the movies on that date, right guys? The image of a nekkid Marco in the big screen would be too much to pass up. Pitik Bulag is Marco’s “biggest break to date” [according to the press kit] and it will have its premiere night on 23 June 2009 at the Gateway Cinema in Cubao, Quezon City.

Marco in military chic, too.

Yeah, I noticed it too. First it was very apparent in the Brent Javier photo. And now, here comes Marco Alcaraz in the military-inspired photo shoot. I’m referring to the hardware, the guns strategically placed near their crotches, like phallic symbols. While Brent Javier’s gun points up, Marco’s weapon trains down. I must be thinking too much. Coincidence or the stylists just didn’t notice.

Marco hurls his briefs

I just notice every time there is a racy underwear show, ex-baller and now-actor Marco Alcaraz never fails to sling and toss his skivvies to the screaming audience.  A couple of Cosmo Bachelor shows ago, he cut his briefs inside his jeans and threw the used underwear at the girls.  And I’m not so sure if the screams were made in utter terror or sheer delight.  Recently, at the Bench show, he did just that –  except that he was in layered Bench Body briefs.  It looks like he’ll be doing that move every time then.

Marco Alcaraz in Cebu

Speaking of Bench, whatever happened to Marco Alcaraz? The 6’1″-tall Bench Body model has not been very visible lately. One reader sent in news that Marco is always seen in Cebu. The 25-year-old actor was born in Davao but he went to school in Cebu, prior to his stint at San Sebastian College in Manila [where he played varsity hoops]. Plus he has a Cebuana girlfriend now, that’s why. With the entry of a new and more popular Bench underwear endorser, I’m wondering now if we’ll still get to see more of Marco Antonio Alcaraz in those colorful skivvies.