Is it just me or was there something done on Marco Posadas? The body surely improved and the abs are just seriously, uh, awe-inspiring. But the face – there is some changeover, like a fine enhancement or correction. Whatever it is, he looks better now. Too, he’s promoting his direct-to-video flick called Manila Exp..., rather Summer Boys with other sexy boys. I think he gets to show some of his stuff in there. Maybe he will spring some surprise. A big one.

Summer Boys

The best curio this rainy season would have to be the new video called Summer Boys. It is an all-male video featuring hunky bikini open winner Jamil Basa [topmost], daring indie actor Jeff Luna [leftmost] , beefcake model Marco Posadas [bottom], cute martial arts fighter Mike Acuna [right, in red] and fresh discovery Jayar Sales [middle]. The story revolves around five guys in a “secluded paradise” and they “play and bond.” Summer Boys will be released in November 2009 at selected record outlets.

Marco and Marko

So it’s pretty obvious who’s the bigger guy judging from the impression they’re making in their little pink bikinis. The guy on the left is Marco Posadas, a 22-year-old gym instructor and freelance model from Malolos City in Bulacan. He is also known as Anthony Posadas in the bikini pageant circuit. The other one’s Marko Maristela, a 26-year-old model and winner of the Mr. Sexy Body competition sponsored by the Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall. He was also in the [in]famous Manila Exposed porn video series released a couple of years ago.

The Beach 1

Two guys on an Ilocos beach. Both are sexy and oozing with appeal. The one on the left is Richard Lopez, a familiar face in the contest circuit. He’s gone from the bold and daring Valentino Cover Boy search [where he won as third runner-up] to the Ginoong Pilipinas 2007 pageant, all with relative ease and skimpiness of the you-know-what. The guy on the right is Marco Posadas, a regular too in bikini competitions. He competed at the recently-held Hataw Super Bodies 2009. He, unfortunately, lost.

Marco Posadas rises

Twenty-two-year-old Marco Posadas may not be the archetypal handsome Filipino male but he is definitely bursting with raw manful appeal, if you ask me. He was last seen as one of the male contestants in 2008’s biggest bikini contest, Hataw Super Bodies. Unfortunately this Bulacan native did not get the top prize, but he is still plodding on in bikinidom come. This summer, expect to see more of sexy Marco Posadas in the male bikini competitions.