Before he gets his fifteen minutes of fame in ABS-CBN via an express pass in the station’s reality shows, Mark Angelo Lopez was an innocent Bulacan lad who wanted to make it huge in the big city. After winning Mr. Bulacan a couple of years ago, he trekked to the metro to do the bikini open circuit. Photo above shows his form. Now, he’s landing good projects, thanks to a manager with excellent connections in the biz.


In modeling, having a muscular and lean physique is not enough. Of course, height matters. An interesting face with strong features helps a lot. But the one thing that spells success in the field must be the connections. The proper acquaintance or sponsor is the prime link to ascendancy in the business. In photo above is the new Mark Angelo Lopez, erstwhile Lakan ng Bulacan 2010 and bikini open veteran.

This is how he looked two years ago, pre- expensive gym and supplements. Of course, he had so much promise then, after being plucked from oblivion in Bustos, Bulacan. Watch out for his younger and hotter brother, who’s starting out on the bikini open path, too.


Isn’t he cute? His name is Mark Angelo Lopez, the Lakan ng Bulacan 2010 winner. He’s from Bustos, Bulacan and now he’s in Manila to try his luck in the modeling business. Recently, he was spotted at a local bikini contest. Unfortunately he lost to the bigger guys. Expect more of Mark in the bikini contests this coming year.