Mark’s Hairy Pits

As I’ve always said, there is really something to be said about a half-naked man in bed. Somehow the imagination can run wild with a photo like this. Singer-actor Mark Bautista is back in town and the title of the post pretty much sums the topic all up.  Hairy is heavenly, really.

Pop a Boner

He’s back, and he’s out to show everyone and Someone what they’ve actually missed. Big time! Mark Bautista enjoys his morning coffee with an angle of the dangle.  While he’s downstairs happy, schwinging a stiffy, we’ll enjoy the view from here. Keep ’em cumming, Marky!

Marked man

MarkBRemember that sexy image of singer Mark Bautista when he came out for the Full Monty shows a couple of years ago? It turns out there is a fuller picture revealing Mark’s ample assets and inked flesh. It would be a shame not to share.

A marked man

IMG_0588Sometimes there is beauty in candid moments. Things in disarray. Bumps and lumps manifesting. Mark Bautista was in Panglao for R & R (and some work) last weekend and he has photos to prove it. Don’t you just love it when celebrities reveal their human side – especially when it’s so good?

The Bautistas

Christian BautistaDon’t let me start extolling their talent in singing, because that fact is a given: these boys are good at what they do! Today is rather different because we’re seeing them in a different light. Or under the light, with no shirts on. First up is Christian Bautista who’s filling in the shoes of our dear Raymond for Sexy Solutions, because apparently the sexy solution didn’t, uh, quite work. This time, it did wonders for Christian who didn’t have to do anything strenuous to get those abs. Too bad he shaved the hair there though.

markAnd then there’s Mark Bautista! It’s always a joy to see him like this: shirtless and with .. I think those are the pointiest nips I’ve ever seen in a while. Physical attributes aside, he’s a good crooner, theater actor and an all-around nice guy in person. Okay, I can’t really put the physical attributes aside because his talent matches his good looks.

Here lies love

markyI know life is unfair sometimes. There are always cute boys who possess great oral vocal powers e.g. singer Mark Bautista. Rumors of his legendary large member, of course, add to the mystery behind this hunky guy.  So it’s always a triple or lotsa-treat when Mark happens to also have a wonderful physique. Now that’s a package!


I believe it is only now that we are appreciating the great talent that is Carlos Agassi. Maybe it’s because of his resurgence as an underwear model, comfortable in his own skin and flesh, with all the muscles in between.  We’re so used to seeing him then as a fitness guy doing cutesy moves with his own rap. That’s all over for him now, as he’s grown up to be one fine hella hotter hunk, if you ask me.

Never So Big


Singer and occasional actor Mark Bautista is sorely missed on Philippine shores. He’s still in London’s West End doing that Imelda musical. Mark’s working his ass off in the cold city (I hope I said that right.)  Of course, he’s still looking swell as ever.

Miscellany Saturday

Today I am posting your contributions – photos of half-nekkid boys that went through the mail. Some are too good not to share. Young and not-so young actors and celebs. They are all here!

 Model and part-time actor Alizon Andres shows what stuff he’s made of.
 Arron Villaflor gives a hint, size-wise.

 Of course, the two Sams – Sam S. a.k.a. Vince and Sam A. are such sights to behold.

 Bit player Carlo Aquino tries sexy.
 Athlete and chef Erwan Heusaff is bulge-y.
 Young actor Albie Casino is bulging.
 And this is how racy Hideo Muraoka can get these days. Boxer briefs!

 Budding actor and singer Sam Concepcion looks mighty fine!

 And Jake Cuenca runs in the neighbourhood shirtless with perky nips.

 Has-been JC de Vera prepares for his ABS-CBN casting couch.

 Theater actor and tv bit player Jay Gonzaga is out and proud of his hot bod.

 June Macasaet is still a runway model. In tight and sexy clothes.

 Singer Kris Lawrence makes up for lack of height and face value with his well-sculpted body.

 Luis Alandy sells his meat, man meat!

 Mark Bautista has a smokin’ body. In the rain!

 Paulo Avelino got bigger and cuddlier. 

 Piolo‘s always ready.

 The Semerads have bubble butts!

Hot Like You

Oh, we’re loving Mark Bautista these days! His Full Monty shows have been packed, probably by curious happy people on Marky’s near-propensity to bare all on stage, live. Of course, he has a great voice, too. In the meantime, we’ll just have to content ourselves with a selfie of the sexy singer after his stint at the tanning salon.

Full Monty

The reason why Mark Bautista‘s been shedding his clothes lately is because he’s doing The Full Monty next month! Well, not exactly the works like showing off his privates and all but he’s doing the musical. Here’s the PR:  Singer-actor Mark Bautista is set to top bill the local staging of the hit Broadway musical “The Full Monty.”  Staged locally by Viva Atlantis Theatricals as its maiden production, “The Full Monty” is based on the 1997 movie of the same title and features music and lyrics by David Yazbek. It is set to open at the RCBC Plaza in Makati on April 19 and will run until May 5.  As Jerry Lukowski, Bautista plays an unemployed mill worker in Buffalo, New York who discovers a way to earn some quick cash by performing as a strip act at a local club.  Jerry is joined by five of his friends in his radical idea, and together they conquer their fears and discover the meaning of true friendship -but not before stripping naked as a Chippendales-inspired group.

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