A typhoon hit the country yesterday and plunged the island of Luzon into darkness as electricity was knocked out. In a situation like this, what happens to that cottage industry of bikini contests previously scheduled? Do they still go on, pitch dark or shine? Of course, they still continue. The [bikini] show must go on. Images above are that of Vigilio Jaboli a.k.a. Mark Daniel Alarcon [left] and Mark Revilla, old hats in the men-in-briefs competitions.


They all know each other. They’ve probably met in a bikini contest in Santiago Cove, Ilocos Sur or maybe in the Ginoong Magayon competition in Legazpi City. Or perhaps Lips Bar from way back. They’re most happy and comfy parading in wispy little nothings with numbers attached. It’s all about the prize money and the thrill of being admired by an ogling bunch out for some sleazefest. These are the boys, regulars in the bikini competitions around town!


Yeah they were all yellow! Summer’s definitely not yet over even if the afternoon rains zip and zoom down the metro. The bikini contests are still being organized and planned. There’s still summer’s biggest bikini showdown – the fifth staging of Hataw Super Bodies Bikini Open, where Bryan Soriano [right] and Virgilio Jaboli a.k.a. Mark Daniel Alarcon [3rd runner-up] competed last year. And some event is being crafted and designed in bikini town, with this site playing a role in the process. So there, summer may really come and go but the boys in tiny thongs are here to, uh, hang out.

Adorable: Mark Daniel Alarcon

So, there’s this contest called Ginoong San Juan 2009 and it’s another reason to see young and cute boys in swim wear [and briefs], natch! And guess where it was held. Ate Chin Chin Bar or the bar formerly known as Lips! Of course, if it’s in Lips, it would have to be raunchy and fleshly and rousing. The winner of this contest, which is a preliminary to the national Ginoong Pilipinas in May, was Mark Daniel Alarcon. At 19 years old, Mark Daniel is already starting to get noticed in the male personality pageants.