Vintage Sunday

He was one of the more handsome actors of his time. Mark Gil blazed through the early 80s with his classic good looks and natural acting ability. After doing boy-next-door roles in the movies, he did the soft porn films that were faddish at that era. His very sexy moments can still be seen in Naiibang Hayop [1984] and Company of Women [1985]. Forty-nine-year-old Mark is the father of Sid Lucero and uncle of siblings Geoff Eigenmann and Ryan Eigenmann.

Mark Gil on Fathers’ Day

Eighties actor Mark Gil was on tv earlier on, doing a duet with his son, Gabby Eigenmann for a Fathers’ Day presentation in a noontime show. Although he has since turned gray with age, I would love to think of him from way back in the early 80’s when the Experimental Cinema of the Philippines [ECP] was put up. Back then a young, august and majestic Mark Gil of the famous acting clan was going all the way in such films as Company of Women and in the [in]famous Tanay waterfalls scene in Naiibang Hayop with an exotic ingenue, Irma Alegre.