Scandal Squad

scandal squad

Oh gawd, with the terrible exception of Ian Veneracion and that boxer guy, these boys seem to be having a reunion on the basketball court somewhere in Batangas! I got this from the mail, so kudos to memechi1089 for taking time out to point this to me, us. The boys are undermanned so maybe we can recommend some recruits.


Then and Now

Six years ago [left photo], a then-fledgling actor by the name of Mark Herras appeared on stage in his underwear for an, uh, underwear show akin to the fabled Bench Body skin- and fleshfest. Barely legal, Mark wowed the audience and showed great promise. Flash forward to 2011 after a few intervening disasters and wrong turns had happened in his career, Mark [right photo] comes back on stage – shirtless at the Cosmo bash. Still hawt or not?

The Beach 3

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I’m actually cleaning out some space on my drive and found these other shirtless photos of cute guys and a hunky exhibitionist. The first two photos on top are those of Chris Cayzer, Mark Herras and Rainier Castillo taping for a Sunday drama anthology called Dear Friend. On the other hand, the other photos are of Bench bikini guy Rafael Rosell who loves showing and teasing us with his butt crack. Rafael Rosell‘s pictures were taken in a lonely beach somewhere in Phuket, Thailand.


With the launching of Aljur as a prime time soap star and lead actor in a big movie, suddenly Mark Herras is so 2004. Mark, the erstwhile teen star and early favorite of GMA-7, is now relegated to the hazy background of afternoon soaps, provincial shows and Sunday noontime dance acts while Aljur takes center stage as the new star of his station. Methinks that GMA-7 should cash in on this emerging popularity of Aljur but should not altogether consign to oblivion its other talents who showed great potential as lead actors, like Mark. That way, GMA is beefing up the menu, so to speak.

At Play

First, some preliminaries:  Dear Friend is GMA 7’s drama anthology featuring true and personal stories from letters sent by young viewers.  According to the station, the show is “primed to inspire, motivate and stir the youth’s consciousness of issues concerning their lives.” It airs every Sunday after the noontime variety show, SOP.  Now, this Sunday, the three guys shown above – Mark Herras [22 y.o., in board shorts], Rainier Castillo [23 y.o., in olive drab shorts ] and Chris Cayzer [22 y.o., in khaki shorts] are in the Bakasyonista episode of the series. The boys are going sexy and I think this is the first time that cute singer Cayzer is taking off his shirt on tv.  Don’t fail to watch the boys in action, as they, uh, pit acting chops against each other!

“Bad Boy on the Dance Floor”

Yep, that’s how he is called every Sunday on GMA 7’s noontime circus, SOP. Mark Angelo Herras or Mark Herras, is the station’s prized male teenybopper star [although he is already turning 21 this December]. He won GMA 7’s first talent search in a reality show format, Starstruck, and from then on, his career soared to high heavens. Known for his intense and inventive dance moves, Mark Herras also endorses the teen brand for Carter briefs [photos above].