Bumper Crop


The main purpose of male personality contests, aside from, of course, fostering world peace, alleviating poverty, and raising awareness for HIV that is timely and relevant to our country, is to show off boys in racy-frilly speedos.  Recently, a Mr. Philippines contest was held, and they had seven winners. Their names and fancy titles are as follows (l-r): Kian Sumague of San Pablo City (Mr. Tourism World), Jason Martin of Queensland, Australia (Mr. Worldwide), Christian Lumasag of Cebu City (Best Global Model of the Year), main winner Andrea Biondo of Vittoria, Italy (Mister Universal Ambassador), Job Abogado of Camarines Sur (Mr. Model International), Paul Renzo Velo of London (Mr. Tourism International), and Mark Joshua Marquez of Rome, Italy (Mr. Teen International). Who do you like?