And so it has come to pass, MarkVin is no more. The two boys have broken up after a year and a few months of spending blissful moments together, off-showbiz. It was a good match, but good things came to an end abruptly earlier last month. What(who)ever the reasons were, Markki seemed to have moved on up (the lovely mountains).


Speaking of Dyesebel, a motley group of models posing as merfolk surfaced during ABS-CBN station’s trade launch of new shows. It looks like these guys are going to be regulars, albeit bit players, in the mermaid show. From left, there’s abs guy Jay Gonzaga, manly model Mark Manicad, chin-challenged Manhunt winner June Macasaet, and a cute and tall anonymous guy [can anyone ID him?]. Now, don’t start who’s going to be the mermaid in the group!


At the annual sleazefest of male models called Cosmopolitan [Phils] Bachelor Bash five years ago, top male models were seen primping on stage during the finale. There’s the omnipresent  and stage director’s favorite Mark Manicad,  Mark Onir partially hidden by Luke Jickain, John Lopez looking very happy with Adrian Racho, with Ian Porlayagan behind him and Lance Howard. It was one happy bunch. Oh, wait, isn’t that JC Tiuseco in grandpa briefs? 


Question [and you can answer Mark Manicad]: Do underwear models immediately return the briefs and underthings that they used on the ramp and runway shows? Say for example, a very tight and close-fitting pair of jockeys used by Mark. He gets nervous and sweaty under the bright lights. And then the show’s over. Is he still required to hand back the t-back? If so, the designer re-sells it? Just wondering.


This picture seems odd because apparently this is the official photo of the winners of the 2009 Mossimo Bikini Summit held months back. Of course, the winner – Jiro Shirakawa is in front of the pack. Angelo Cacciatore [second from right], who was declared first runner-up, is right behind Jiro. The second runner-up announced that night was Mark Manicad [rightmost]. And Geron Lontoc [leftmost] is also in the picture, literally and figuratively. Geron was not proclaimed as one of the runners-up during the contest. Reportedly, he was seen bawling back stage after the winners were called, expecting that he will get one of the top prizes. In a post-pageant party held to mark Jiro’s birthday, Geron was subsequently proclaimed by the organizers as the first runner-up. Angelo was not present at that time. So that makes two first runners-up, I think. If you ask me, I’m a bit addled, too.

Mark has a video, too?

While we’re on the very pressing and vital national concern regarding racy amateur videos of prominent persons dished out in cyberspace, here’s another one concerning an up-and-coming model.  A reader sent word [email] that Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009 second-runner-up Mark Manicad reportedly has a video akin to Paolo Serrano‘s choking-the-monkey romp on cam. This was reportedly done while the cute model was still a relative unknown, when he was still fond of, uh, chatting with people in the net.  

Freshman Caveat + Mossimo Update

The video Freshman is officially released today in VCD format in record stores and video outlets. The thing is, although its solo act, Andrew Miguel is flawless and hot and sexy, the producers can not fully assure us that the frontal scenes are still there, clear and intact. So, if you will be happy with a split-second shot of Andrew Miguel’s penis, then buy the VCD [DVD will be released Monday]. Otherwise, DON’T buy.

JR Tirona and Mark Manicad

Dex Quindoza and Andre Endique

Jiro Shirakawa and Harold Oide

These are the other candidates of Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009. According to the press release in major dailies yesterday, this is the best batch ever. I might just have to disagree since the bestest batch was that of Brent Javier in 2003. And then again, this could be the second best batch ever – what with the fine and good-looking boys [see photos above] in the competition. Regarding the free tickets to the show, someone emailed and suggested that the Mossimo stores in the metro might just have them for you. So, troop to the stores and ask for tickets to the limited-seats-only show on Saturday at the Skydome of SM North EDSA.